PrepAway Presents: Top Resources for Passing Adobe 9A0-388 Certification Exam

We at PrepAway know that certifications are always helpful throughout a person’s life; they are even more helpful if you are looking to excel in your professional career. Certifications have the ability to validate a person’s skill and that is what makes them so important. One certification that really sets you apart from the rest of the competition is the Adobe Experience Manager. If you want to work at Adobe or work with Adobe manufactured products, then this certification will be of help. If you manage to clear Adobe 9A0-388 exam, then it tells the world that you are fully capable of helping clients and giving them the best solutions for their problems. And after completion of this exam, you’ll gain AEM 6 Business Practitioner certification.

All of the certification exams at Adobe follow a strict set of rules that are accepted throughout the industry. By following the rules, Adobe can ensure that every person that they certify complies with the industry standards and is able to provide solutions for all problems that are thrown at him.

Below you will find full PrepAway guide on 9A0-388exam.

9A0-388 Exam

Adobe Experience Manager 6 Business Practitioner (9A0-388) exam is created very carefully, Adobe makes sure to work with industry experts for creating the exam. All of the problems that are given at the exam are based on real-world problems and that is just one thing that makes this exam so challenging. There are a total of 40 questions that appear at the exam and you have to answer all of them within the given time limit which is no more than 55 minutes. If you wish to pass the exam, then you have to score a minimum of 550.

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How to Register?

The exam costs $180 USD and is delivered by PSI. So, you will have to register yourself at a PSI testing center. By following the steps mentioned below, you will be able to easily complete the registration.

  1. First and foremost, you will have to visit Adobe’s website.
  2. In case you have not logged in before, then you will first have to create an account.
  3. If you have taken an Adobe exam before, then you will need to enter the email address that you used last time for the exam. However, if you do not remember the email address then you can enter information from the exam report to verify your account. After verification, you will receive an email with your previous login ID so that you can reset your password.
  4. In case you have not taken any Adobe test before then you will be required to fill out the rest of the information. You will then be sent an email that will tell to set your Password and Login ID.
  5. After the above steps, you will be logged into the website. Here you will have to click on the link which guides you to the scheduling page.
  6. You will then be redirected to a page. Scroll through all different exams on the page, when you find your desired exam just click on Schedule Exam.
  7. Then sleeve your language and location along with an available date and time.
  8. You will then have to confirm the schedule and move towards the payment process.
  9. After you have successfully made the payments then you will receive a confirmation email at

The Topics

There are a few different topics that are covered in the Adobe 9A0-388 exam. There are mainly 4 domains that are covered in the exam and they are as follows:

Understanding Digital Marketing Concepts

The first domain is known as “Understanding Digital Marketing Concepts” and it is exactly what it sounds like. According to this domain, you should have quite a deep understanding of personalization, social media integration, segmentation and analytics. You should know everything about external data that a website needs and also social communities like forums and blogs. 27% of the exam questions come from this domain.

Building and Managing a Website with AEM

Adobe 9A0-388 exam is all about working with AEM or Adobe Experience Manager and using it for building and managing websites. This is why you should have an understanding of digital assets, web content and reporting. You should also be skilled enough to handle multi-lingual and microsites. This domain constitutes about 22% of the exam.

Know more about AEM or Adobe Experience Manager  at

Working with Web Content Management Tools

According to this next domain which is known as “Web Content Management Tools” you should know how to build pages and templates. You should have a decent understanding of the Adobe Experience architecture. You should be able to troubleshoot and also find solutions for issues related to the domain. 34% of the questions in the exam are from this domain that is why you need to make sure that you learn it properly.

Working with Digital Asset Management Tools

The next domain is known as “Working with Digital Asset Management Tools” and it is all about digital asset management. For this domain, you need to learn how to work with Adobe Experience Manager’s digital asset manager. The least amount of questions come from this domain as it makes up only 17% of the exam.


There are many ways to prepare for the Adobe 9A0-388 exam as there are many websites that you can find that are offering great preparation solutions. PrepAwayis here to help you choose. You can always find free practice exams in ETE format that are full of real questions related to the actual exam on PrepAway, but there are some other reliable websites that offer quality practice exams. One of such platforms is ExamCollection.

Keep in mind that the questions are never repeated and any question that you find in the practice exam will never appear in the actual exam. You can take help from various exam dumps to mix things up. These exam dumps have different questions and they can prove to be very helpful. Don’t forget to use study guides, to take training courses, watch video lectures, communicate with successful candidates. All these tips will help you to do your utmost at the exam.


These were some things that you should know about the Adobe 9A0-388 exam. By taking and clearing this exam you get validation from one of the biggest companies in the world and that is a good enough reason to take the test. Be a certified professional and get job opportunities easily.PrepAway wishes you good luck!


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