Top 10 Ways To Help You Earn Money Online While Playing Games

While spending endless hours playing games, did you ever ponder that you could capitalize this time? How? Now, you can make money while playing games online. So, playing games can be double the fun now. For anyone who enjoys playing games online or has experience in winning while playing games online, you can consider playing games that pay you for winning. For these, you don’t even need a Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, or any other gaming console. To get some excellent gaming experience, all you need is an internet and a computer. So, here, let us take a look at a few ways to earn money while playing games.

Inbox Dollars

It is an excellent platform that lets you earn cash while gaming online. So, on this, all you got to do is Sign up with Inbox Dollars at no subscription fee and get into the gaming mode. Robin, who works with a website that writes essays for yousays that Inbox dollars have a multitude of games for you to play. With this platform, you can earn as much as $10 every day. Further, the amount will increase as you progress through the games.


Anyone who enjoys Bingo would love the idea of making money while playing Bingo online. With the Bingo Mania, you get a multitude of Bingo games regularly. You can make $1 with it, and the amount goes on accumulating till the winner is declared. All the games on this platform are Bingo games.


On Swagbucks, you are paid to complete a few tasks or play games. You have several job options on the sites for you to do and make money, such as watching videos, searching for products, shopping, playing games, and more. You can participate in their daily promotions to earn money online.

Second Life

Mathew, who offers online statistics homework help services, says that at present, Second Life is the number one gaming website on the web. On this website, you can do a variety of things, such as selling gadgets, creating or selling content, virtual real estate trading, participating in game shows, performing at concerts, and a lot more. So, with it, all you have to do is sit outside a store on the chair, and attract more people to visit the store to earn money.

Paid Game Player

It is an incredible platform that allows people to make money while enjoying their favourite games. After you have made an account, you can access more than 600 different games. However, to be able to make money with Paid Game Player, you must be 18 years or older. You can play arcade games, puzzle, casino, and more.

Point Club

Brad, who offers online assignment help Australia, says that Point Club is an excellent survey platform where you get paid to take surveys, play games, amongst other things. To be on the platform, you must be 13 years or older with a valid Email ID. For signing up, you’ll get $5.


The first and the most popular gaming website on the internet, Gamesville, is a free platform. For slots, winning, playing, and getting high scores, you get good GV rewards. You can convert these rewards to cash or other worthy prizes. If you don’t want GV rewards, you can opt for pure cash competitions.


Initially, when you start using Pogo, you might not look at it as a gaming site. It is so because you’ll have to view ads for the first 5 days to accumulate tokens. Then you can redeem these tokens to play games and win prizes. There’s also a lucky draw daily where the winner can earn $10,000.

GSN Cash Games

Shaun, who offers the best machine learning course online, says that on GSN, you can play puzzles, arcade, word games, card strategies, and do a lot more. The best thing about the platform is you can try the game before beginning competition. So, you have a chance to understand the game before trying it out with others. Moreover, since you are paired according to your skills, your chances of winning are more.

Clip 2Play

It is a platform where several tournaments happen regularly. Some of the games played here include players fighting each other, flash games, and more. In the games, the winner is declared at day end and is rewarded. You can also enrol in the referral program to earn 10 points for every new referral.

So, these are the top 10 gaming platform where you can earn money whilst playing games. Now, stop wasting your time and make some money while enjoying your favourite games.


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