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The world of mobile marketing was changed forever in the summer of 2015. That was when Google announced that they were updating their algorithm to reward mobile-friendly websites and penalize those that didn’t optimize their website properly.


Not long after this was when the number of Google searches from smartphones surpassed the number of searches made through desktop computers and tablets.

The number of consumers researching products and purchasing them through their mobile devices has only increased since then. Mobile commerce sales account for just over a third (34%) of all e-commerce sales around the world, and this number is only expected to grow according to

So, what countries have the most mobile shoppers? What are the fastest growing m-commerce markets? Let’s take a look at mobile commerce around the world.


1. China, USA, and Mexico

These three countries are the three top countries where mobile browsing and mobile commerce have surpassed shopping through a browser. 84% of shopping in China is done via an app, with the number reaching 73% and 72% for Mexico and the US respectively.


2. Mobile Payment Preferences

Different platforms are more popular than others when it comes to making online payments. These trends have changed though. For example, Apple Pay is becoming more and more popular in North America. PayPal, Google Wallet, and Apple Pay are the three main platforms in North America for mobile commerce. Apple Pay had 40% of the market in 2014, increasing to 45% in 2015. Interest in PayPal fell from 32% to 28% in that same time period. Google Wallet saw a minor increase too. The market share for Google Wallet increased by 13% from 11% between 2014 and 2015.


3. Digital Coupons

The amount of digital coupons being redeemed around the world is on the increase. These coupons, provided by services such as Groupon, are a major benefit for mobile and digital commerce. Everyone loves saving money and one benefit of mobile commerce is that it makes the process much easier. The amount of these digital coupons being redeemed is estimated to increase from the 16 billion in 2014 to the – almost double – 31 billion in 2019. So make sure to stack up on those digital coupons!


4. Who is Buying What?

Men and women have different purchasing preferences when it comes to mobile commerce. Women prefer to buy things like clothing, accessories, and health and beauty products. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to purchase sporting goods, technology and electronic equipment, and automobile equipment. Their purchasing habits are fairly similar when it comes to things such as groceries, furniture, and entertainment.



Different countries and peoples have their own preferences when it comes to mobile shopping and digital commerce. With that said, one thing remains true across the board; mobile shopping is becoming more popular. Many brands, such as Apple and Kohl’s, report having customers who only shop with them via mobile devices. The future of mobile commerce is an interesting one to be sure.

The Future Of Mobile Commerce



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