Ever Wondered What Can Happen In A Second? We Have The Answer

Are you a person who thinks that Time doesn’t have any value in your life? Then, we are sorry to inform you that you might be wrong this time. Because time is equal to money and all of us are striving for money. And if you want to earn money, you better start to save time because time is precious. Moreover, time is the only thing in the world that will not stop for anyone, no matter. If you still don’t want to get serious about time, then let us ask a simple question to you – According to you, What can happen in a second? Most probably your answer will be – Nothing! But, believe us when we say that you are going to get shocked after reading the things that can happen in 1 second. Check out the list before you ask anyone “What can happen in a second?”.

What Can Happen In A Second?

  • Approx. 500,500,000,000 times hearts beat around the world – Source
  • More than 3 million Google searches are performed every second in the world – Source
  • An estimated 469,445 Facebook likes happen every second – Source
  • More than 500,000 WhatsApp messages are sent in one second – Source
  • Every second 372 people search for pornography in Google – Source
  • A small bee flaps its wings 270 times – Source
  • An approx. 10,450 Coca-Colas are consumed every second – Source
  • 60 lipsticks are produced every second in the world- Source
  • 6 bolts of lightning strike the Earth in the one second – Source
  • The US national debt increases by $50,000 every second.
  • 34 trees are cut in the rainforest every second.
  • 40,000 new stars are created each second.
  • 4.3 people are born every second in this world- Source
  • 1.8 people die in just one second – Source
  • 1.28 Christian, 0.93 Muslim and 0.64 Hindu babies are born every second – Source
  • 375 McDonald’s burgers are sold every 5 seconds – Source
  • 47 new websites are created every 5 seconds – Source
  • 17 million emails are sent every 5 seconds – Source
  • World’s richest man Bill Gates earns $1,250 every 5 seconds – Source
  • 15,800 tons of water flow over Niagara Falls every 5 seconds – Source
  • 80 million tons of water gets evaporated from the Earth’s surface every 5 seconds – Source
  • 500,000 chemical reactions take place in every single cell of our body every 5 seconds – Source
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  • Nike makes $36,505 every minute – Source
  • Estd. 3,137,187 US dollars are donated to charity every minute
  • 59 weddings take place every minute in the world
  • Approx. 1,500,000 people will have an orgasm every minute
  • America dumps 216 pounds of food every second Source
  • A worker in a Nike factory in Vietnam makes $0.0014 – Source
  • The universe expands 2766.4 miles every minute – Source
  • Human heart pumps 83 gallons of blood – Source
  • 113 babies are born into poverty every minute – Source
  • 55,757 barrels of oil are used each minute all around the world – Source
  • 58 aeroplanes take off around the world every minute – Source
  • 5,441,400 pounds of garbage will be created every minute – Source
  • There are 9 new AIDS/HIV infections every minute – Source
  • 18 people die of starvation every minute in the world- Source
  • 1,800 stars explode every minute in the Universe Source
  • 37,000 child marriages take place every day – Source
  • 3,287 people die in car accidents every day
  • 1,676 billion US dollars are spent on the military every year – Source
  • 100 million sharks are killed every year – Source
  • 12 people are killed by sharks every year – Source

So, next time keep this list in your mind when you ask someone “What can happen in a second?”


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