Want to Get an Awesome Book like a Pro? Here’s How

If you don’t read much, then choosing a new book might be a bit of a hassle for you. However, most people, even a bookworm person, can find this process long and overwhelming. And it might take longer for you if you only read occasionally. You might find yourself lost as you will not know where to start in order to get a new awesome book. However, with the right mindset and knowing how and where to search, you will be able to get yourself an enjoyable book in no time.


What should I Get?

There are a few steps that you should go through if you want to get a new book like a pro without going through the long searching process. First, you should know what genre you prefer. Identifying the type you like can help you limit your option. You can know the answer easily by looking at the past books you read and enjoyed. Knowing whether you like romance, fiction, or informative ones will ease the process for you as you can get the bestsellers in that genre.

Content-based Recommendations

If you read a book in the past and want to get something similar to it, you can search for recommendations based on that book. The recommendations will allow you to look for other books with the same writing style, the same subject matter, or the same genre. By doing this, you will limit your options to very few books, and you will be able to choose the one that grabs your attention the most easily. After that, if you settle for two or three books, you can start reading reviews on each one of them to see how others feel about them and what they liked and disliked about each book. You should read the negative and positive reviews because some reviews can be helpful, and you might be able to make up your mind about which one to get.



Book Searched by Author

Then you should ask yourself if there’s a particular author that you prefer their books or not. If your answer is yes, then you should start searching for all the books for that author and pick the one you like the most. However, if your answer is no and you want to know other authors or try a new genre, you can ask your family or friends about their favorite books and try it out, or you can ask a bookstore employee.

Asking family members or friends who share the same interests as you about their favorite books can give you an idea of what you should get next. And asking a bookstore employee can help you find exciting books other than the bestsellers or the ordinary and known books. You can tell them what you’re looking for in a book, the things you’re interested in and what you don’t want. And they can easily help you find a book that fits your interests.

Comparing Prices

If you already have a book in mind, start by searching for it on different sites and places, and then compare the prices. Some publishers sell their books on their websites, and some can be found at online retailers. If you don’t know where to buy textbooks, you can search for the nearest store, or you can search for common retailers. Looking at more than two sites in addition to the publisher’s website and comparing all the prices you found for the same book, is one of the most effective ways to get the best price.

Some people like to collect first or special editions of their favorite books. So you might find the same book on some sites for a higher price than usual because it’s a limited edition. If you’re not a collector and you just want to read, then a reading copy will do the job.

Book Quality

If you’re purchasing books online, then you should carefully read the description of the book’s quality. And know whether it’s a secondhand book or not. Secondhand books can be in good condition and for a lower price than a new one. However, you will need to read the description and reviews of previous customers in order to know whether the seller is honest about the condition or not. And even if you get your books through a retailer, you should check its condition and check whether it matches the quality you were promised or not.


If you have a digital e-reader, then you can save all the hassle of finding books with good condition and start purchasing e-books. So instead of waiting for your books to be delivered and checking its condition, you can buy an e-book and start downloading and reading it as soon as you pay for it.

Whether you prefer online shopping or going to the bookstore, looking in the sections that you’re interested in is the best way to find your new book. You can start by identifying the genre that you prefer. Then search for that genre’s famous authors’ names or the bestsellers. If you chose to go to the bookstore, you could read the back cover blurb before purchasing it. That way, you will have an idea of what the book is about. However, if you’re looking for a new book online, you will find a short description of the book before adding it to cart, reading reviews about a specific book or the author might help when choosing an awesome book.

Checking the quality and condition of the book before buying it is one of the most important factors when getting a new book. You should go through the pages and make sure that you will not face any problems while reading. When you’re purchasing online, it’s preferable to leave a review when you receive the book. Writing a review about the condition of the book and that it was as promised will help other readers to know if they should get from the same seller or not.


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