Fall In Love With Different Types Of Nose Pins

Have you ever heard about piercing? Is your nose or ear septum is pierced? Nose piercing is a piercing activity done at a large scale in India formerly with the motive to wear jewels. Now a day’s nose piercing is very popular in youngsters as well as adults who like to wear nose jewels or nose pins.

The people whose nose is pierced, they likely to wear distinct design of nose pin, nose ring or any nose jewel. According to Indian traditions, it holds the significance of nose jewel in a woman’s life.

Let us go through the different types of nose apparels available to magnify your beautiful personality. Jewellery for pierced nose came in different patterns like-

  • Simple Circlet

The simple loop of nose pin is one of the most attractive pieces of nose jewel. This apparel is best fitted for daily use. A simple hoop is made of gold and other material. Usually, Nose pin gold hoop can go well with every outfit.

  • Bali

It is more of a traditional piece. This Bali consists of wide nose rings well suited with ethnic outfits. It gives a classic and natural look.

  • Pellet Bali

One more type of Bali, some of them is beaded with different materials. Unexpectedly it looks great when carried with traditional dresses. Not for daily use.

  • Studs

Various types of studded nose pins are available in the market these days. Many studded nose pins are there such as gemstone stud, diamond stud, floral stud, and simple stud. All kinds of studded nose pins appear timeless and good on every age group. This nose ring design looks utterly flawless on every face and signifies the purity of gemstone perfectly.

  • Flower Bent

Another piece crafted for different shapes of noses. It is in trend these days and gives a chic look. Differently, bent shapes meant to be stick on the front end and the rest part goes inside of the nose.

  • Large Studded Circlet

It is the most popular nose ring available for the wedding purpose. This nose ring looks extraordinarily stunning when carried by brides. It is used in various grand occasions to transform the whole look drastically.

  • U-bent Nose Pins

Lovely nose apparel, you can look bold and edgy while wearing this. The bold pigment it gives will append the best look on you.

Presently, many types of nose pins and nose rings are available in various jewellery store offline and online. One should be very selective while purchasing nose apparels because it changes your look. You can get noticed by this and will provide you with the trendy flavour of look.

Nose pins are very significant in many places in the world. Many traditions follow the use of nose pin to signify the eternal beauty of a woman. Most of the Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Srilanka and many more hold this culture of wearing nose pins. When this tradition changed into a fashion, many people liked it and started getting nose pierced worldwide. This leads to the trend of nose apparel all over the world.


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