10 Funny Protest Signs That People Actually Carried In Protests

These days protests are very common, every then and now, you will see a bunch of people on the road protesting against something or the another. Mainly these protests are against the policies of the government or to scrap old laws. Whatever may be the case, people tend to get bored during these protests and you know they do when they get bored? They make and carry some funny protest signs that will make you laugh for sure.

Today, we have collected some of the funny protest signs that people actually carried during a real protest or rallies. Believe us, these signs are too hilarious to be ignored. You will laugh your pants off after reading these hilarious protest signs. Let’s check out these funny signs.

1. When immigrants that take a dig at the local residents.


2. This man will surely make you laugh with his funny protest sign.


3. Now you know how to piss off people behind you in a protest.


4. Well, that’s one of the most honest signs we have ever seen.


5. We can assure you that no protest can save you from the wrath of your wife.


6. When you realise that the crowd is not after a piece of a cake.


7. When you feel boring during a protest and you come up with one of the funny protest signs ever.


8. That’s one funny protest sign we really appreciate.


9. Someone dug out the marriage history of Mr. President.


10. When you are so angry that you don’t know what to do in life.


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Which one of the above funny protest signs made you laugh hard? If you have also seen any funny sign during a protest, share your experience with us in the comments section below.


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