5 Ways To Use Email Signature To Support Your Digital Marketing Strategy

What do you do to support your digital marketing strategy? We bet that you are using all of the most popular tools that have been proven to be effective. But how much attention do you pay to your email? In fact, the majority of modern entrepreneurs are way too busy with global tasks, so that they miss out on many real opportunities. The same applies to an email. It is a powerful marketing tool that can help you reach the stars with ease. However, many don’t take it seriously because it always seems so insignificant. Well, we have to say that there are no insignificant details when it comes to a successful business!

No matter how small detail may seem, together such small details build up a strong marketing strategy. Thus, you should never ignore their importance! After all, the active work of all elements in your marketing strategy brings your business to a completely new level!

One of such small details is an email signature. Many underestimate its value. Still, it is one of those small things that play huge roles in achieving a goal.


Five Tips For A Great Email Signature

When you create an email signature, there are no strict rules. You pretty much can do it however you want since there is enough space to unleash your creative potential. Still, there are some recommendations that can help you get the best result! Below are a few tips you can use:

  1. Create a unique design.

    Visual elements, dividers, fonts, and colors – all of this adds a personal touch to your signature. Show your individuality with the design! However, do not add too many elements because one of the goals of your design is to make a signature readable, well-structured, and appealing.

  2. Provide valuable information.

    Consistency and conciseness are the key factors of a killer email signature. Include only that information that will be important to your recipients and don’t try to fit in as many data as possible. Focus on the basic contact details and links. This way you will make your signature effective.

  3. Colors.

    Although your signature is an element of your business identity, this does not mean that you have to keep it dull and use only standard colors. You can experiment! Don’t be afraid to add some color to draw the attention of your audience. If your company has its own colors, that’s perfect – go ahead and use them!

  4. Check the work of links.

    It is a good decision to add links to social networks, website or blog. However, it is even more important to check if those links work as supposed before you include the signature to your emails.

  5. Images add uniqueness to your design.

    Do not avoid adding pictures to your signature. The two most popular options to consider are your photo or logo. Both options work well and make a good impression on the audience. Choose the one that is more you and make sure to add it to your design!

After you know enough about the benefits and rules of creating a professional email signature, let’s look at the top five way to make it a powerful addition to your marketing strategy.

  • Add links to increase traffic

Marketers know that the higher the traffic they have, the higher are their chances of getting more customers. While there are many different ways to drive more traffic to your social networks, blog, website or store. But why do you miss out on such an effective and simple way of getting traffic as your email signature? Add the links to your digital channels to the signature to make more people see it. Also, add a strong call-to-action for a better result!

  • Tell about important events

Conferences, seminars, parties, whatever you have going on in your company is another opportunity to grab the attention of your potential customers, so don’t miss a chance to use it! Invite your recipients to an upcoming event that might be interesting to them.


  • Introduce your products to increase sales

How many people know about your company? Even if your company already has a long list of loyal customers, the goal of marketing is to get more and more people to know and recognize your brand. This is another goal that you can complete with the help of your email signature. First of all, it increases the brand recognition. Besides, it helps more and more people learn about your products and services. This way, with every email you and your employee send, your audience gets an insight into what you have to offer them. This will help you generate new warm leads.

  • Share your portfolio to show your skills

If you are a designer, your email signature can turn into a tool of showing your skills. There are several possible ways of adding your portfolio to the signature:

  • You can share a link and ask your recipients to follow it and check out your latest projects;
  • You can add a banner designed by you;
  • You can get more creative designing your email signature to show people what you are capable of.

Each of these options may work well for you and help you find new customers with almost no effort. Remember that email signatures grab attention and leave a lasting impression on the people you send messages to. Thus, you should take this chance to show what you can do!


  • Tell people about the promotions and offers you have

If you want to have more customers, make them an offer they will be interested in! Use your signature to tell about the special deals and offers your company has and make a call to action to prompt your recipients to buy your product.


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