Ever Wondered Why Cartoon Characters Always Wear White Gloves?

If you love watching cartoons, then you must have observed that most of the cartoon characters from Disney and other studios always wear white gloves. Not everyone has noticed those gloves because the cartoon characters are wearing white gloves for so long that it is a normal thing for us. But, we all know everything happens for a reason and there must be a reason for the different characters(be it mice or rabbit) wearing the same type of gloves on their hands. Just start thinking and if you don’t know the reason behind it, scroll down.

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Mickey Mouse in 1928:

Mickey Mouse was the first Disney character that introduced the iconic white gloves. If you’ve seen the first appearance of Mickey Mouse on screen in the cartoon called Plane Crazy in 1928, you must have observed that his hands were all black.

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Mickey Mouse in 1929:

Mickey Mouse didn’t get his famous accessory until 1929, he was first seen wearing white gloves in The Opry House that was released in 1929.

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In an interview with Vox, Professor John Canemaker revealed that there are more than one reason that why all famous cartoon characters wear gloves. There are basically three reasons behind this:

1. In the era of black and white cartoons, it was difficult to differentiate black hands against the character’s black body. White gloves help the animators to emphasize the paws of the characters and their gestures.

2. Drawing gloves are easier as rounded edges are easier to draw as compared to angled paws. So, saving time was another reason behind it.

3. Walt Disney, in his biography, admitted that “We didn’t want Mickey Mouse to have mouse hands because he was supposed to be like a human, so we gave him gloves.


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Sooner or later, the move was adopted by other studios such as Warner Bros(You can see Bugs Bunny wearing the iconic gloves in a scene from the cartoon).

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