Should You Start Taking A Contraceptive Pill?

Many women want to find out when they should start using birth control pills. Although they can be used any day or any time amid their menstrual cycle, protection from pregnancy depends on the time you began to use the pills and also the type that you are using. To be certain about your protection, it is advisable to use a backup technique such as condoms for at least seven days.

There are two main kinds of birth control medication – progestin-only and combination birth control pills. The hormones progestin and estrogen are found in combination pills, and these are also the most common birth control pills. If you begin taking them within five days after the commencement of your period, you will be 100% certain of your protection from pregnancy.

However, if you begin taking combination birth control at another time, you should proceed for at least seven days until you are sure of your protection. During this time, you should consider using other birth control methods such as condoms. See this CDC infographic for information on the effectiveness of the various family planning methods.

If you prefer using progestin-only pills, you will get full protection from pregnancy within the first 48 hours. Moreover, if, within those two days, you engage in s*x, try to use another method to protect yourself from getting pregnant. If you use your pills three hours after the normal time, try to employ other ways to achieve full protection from getting pregnant. Do this for the next 48 hours. This implies that you don’t have a reason to wait until the first day of your menses to use birth control pills. It is okay to begin at any time you feel like.

At the longest, you only have to wait for one week before the pills become fully effective.

How to Stop Your Period with Pills

It is easy to skip your period if you use these medications, and it is perfectly safe. All you do is to take a pill that has hormones each day and skip the remainder placebo pills with no hormones. There are two ways to do it:

You can choose to skip the remainder pills with no hormones in the pack and then go straight to the next pack. It is safe to do this each month, or whenever you feel like skipping your period.

You can also use brand pills with the hormone pills for three months in a row. This means that you will only get your period four times in twelve months.

Note that under normal circumstances, you will notice some bleeding or spotting if you use a contraceptive pill to control periods. Also, if you keep doing this every month, the bleeding and spotting will go away naturally in the sixth month.

If you have never done this, there is nothing wrong or dangerous about using medications to control your period – it is perfectly safe.

If you Missed Your Birth Control Pill

You need to use a contraceptive pill every day for it to be fully effective. However, most people will forget to use the pill at some point. Therefore, it is vital to know what you do in case you missed your birth control pill.

First of all, you should know the brand of the pill you are using. On the back of the pack, you will find the name of the pill. Once you have gotten it, contact your doctor or drugstore for advice. You will be advised on the best method to handle the situation.

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Final Word

You can use a contraceptive pill whenever you feel like it. However, once you have started, make sure to keep it consistent and be sure to seek professional advice whenever something doesn’t seem right.


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