Watch Video: World’s Biggest Chicken Scares People Around The World

Recently, a video of a gigantic chicken(dubbed as the World’s Biggest Chicken) went viral on the Internet. Although, many viewers claim that it is a man wearing a chicken costume or the chicken is on steroids but no one knew what’s the real story behind it. The footage shows a chicken poking its head through a window from a small hut shaped structure.

Next, the video turns scarier as the chicken comes outside the structure and begins to step into the yard. The chicken looks far taller than most of the dogs and its massive size makes it look like a ginormous bird from the Dinosaurs era.

World’s Biggest Chicken – Brahma Chicken


Although it is still unknown that where the footage is real but Livestock Conservancy confirmed that this kind of chicken really exists, saying “The chicken in that video is a Heritage Breed Brahma Chicken.” These Brahma chickens are dubbed as the King of all Poultry because of their gigantic size. Their feathers are long and come in three colours: light, dark and yellowish. Also, they usually weigh 30-40% more than the usual chickens.

The video belongs to Fitim Sejfijaj from Kosovo and he is the first one to share this video. You can check out the video below:

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After watching the footage of this World’s Biggest Chicken, we can say only say that everything is possible in this world. If you also believe the same, share this post with your friends and loved ones.

Source: The Press of World.


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