Want to Know What Happens After You Lose Your Virginity? Read Here

According to a survey, most people lose their virginity at the sweet age of 17. Many people avoid having s*x because they don’t have any idea about what happens after you lose your virginity? During your first s*x, your hymen may stretch or break and even cause some pain and bleeding as well. Although it is a normal process that every girl experiences during her first s*x.

But, have you ever thought about the post effects of losing virginity or if you are confused about what happens after you lose your virginity? we are going to tell you what exactly happens after you lose virginity.


  • For the women, the first thing you are going to experience after losing your virginity is Pain. We are talking about physical pain here, it is probably because you Hymen is broken. Keep in mind, that once your hymen is broken, it will never grow back again. For men, you won’t be experiencing any pain and if you feel pain, then it’s better to talk to your doctor.


  • The second thing you are going to experience is Stress. The stress will be all about whether you did the right thing and if it was the right time to do so, what if you have waited a little long? Moreover, if you don’t want to experience extra stress then make sure to use Condom while having s*x because you don’t want a baby before your life actually starts.

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  • The next thing you are going to experience is Guilt. Yes, you will be going to feel guilty as it can never be undone. You will be going to feel real guilty because you are not sure about the guy or girl you did it with and if you are the one who thinks that Virginity is a gift, then the matter will get worse as you will think it was the only precious gift you had and you lost it.
  • If you are the one who is constantly asking everyone that what happens after you lose your virginity, then let me tell you having sex is not a permanent ticket to heaven, in fact, it’s a short trip to heaven. After losing your virginity, you will probably feel disappointed and will be asking yourself, “That’s it?! Really?!“. Yes, it’s not like they show in movies, low jams, smooth manoeuvres, and breathless gasps.


  • The Last thing you are going to realise that you are a free bird now. You can do it anywhere and with anyone you like. Next time you do it, there will be no pain, stress or guilt. Now, you can lose it again, and again, and again. Moreover, you won’t realise that you have become an expert on this question, “What Happens After You Lose Your Virginity?”

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