10 Weird Inventions That We Really Hope Shouldn’t Have Been Invented

Often we see that new things are being invented to ease the life of mankind. Most of these inventions are pretty useful for us while the other fail the purpose for which they are designed. But there are some inventions that come out of the blue and are labelled the ‘Weird Inventions’. Being the most f*cked up inventions, these are of no use to mankind and can only be used in the rarest conditions. Now, think who will spend money in buying things that you can’t use in the real world?

We all know that Japan is the boss of the weird inventions and most of the inventions we are listing down have been invented by the Japanese. Seeing these weird inventions, anyone will scream out at the creator of these inventions. Let’s have a look at the weirdest inventions of all time.

1. Unless you are planning to be alone all your life, this bed is of no use to you.


2. These glasses funnel may assist you in dropping eye fluids but doesn’t it look weird to you?


3. Some invented these jeans with a pair of eyes and when you walk, these eyes will look like these are blinking.


4. A baby shower cap to make your baby feel like an Umbrella.


5. Only Japan would have invented these woman lap pillows.


6. Do you have a problem in eating hot food, why don’t you try this?


7. It is the boss of all weird inventions, it’s the handshaking machine.


8. A cycle with no pedal, it can’t get weird than this.


9. The doctor told the man to walk on grass, so he invented this grass flip-flops.


10. Who in the h*ll wants this portable watermelon refrigerator?


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So, what do you think about these weird inventions? Aren’t these the most f*cked up inventions of all time?


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