15 Ways To Say I Love You Without Actually Saying It

Often, you want to show how much you love/care about them and always find ways to say I Love you to your loved ones, then check these 20 ways with which you can say show your love to them.

Ways To Say I Love You:

    1. Always call or text to ask whether they have reached home.
    2. Always help them when needed, even at midnight.
    3. Be ready to listen to their problems.
    4. Notice their mood shift and be ready to tackle it.
    5. When ever they are sad, hug them.
    6. No matter how much they freak out in the process, step out of your comfort zone just for them.
    7. Be a little jealous of the details in the relationship.
    8. Always apologize for your mistakes.
    9. Discuss the things which you like in him/her.
    10. Kiss their forehead before going to sleep.
    11. If they are sick, take it more seriously than they do.
    12. Help them in their work e.g. Cooking/Shopping etc.
    13. Take part in their hobbies with enthusiasm.
    14. Watch movies with them even if you don’t like it.
    15. Always encourage them in their decisions.


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