10 Unfortunate Town Names That Are Too Funny To Be Ignored

The place where we live gives us the identity of who we are. The name of the place tells a lot about our personality, likes and dislikes. Now, imagine that your town’s name is so weird and unfortunate that you are afraid to tell it to the other people. Yes, some of the town names are so unfortunate and funny that they can’t be ignored. We don’t know why they are named as such but the names will give you a hard laugh and you’ll go ROFL.

From the USA to the UK, we bring you 10 unfortunate town names that are too funny to be ignored. You’ll be thanking God that you are not born in any of these towns because if it’s the case, you would have felt embarrassment all your life. Let’s check out these hilarious town names and see if you’ve already visited any of them.

1. Hooker, Oklahoma, USA


Every man must be having a dream to live in this town.

2. Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania, USA


Don’t know who’s the inspiration behind this town’s name.

3. Penistone, UK


It’s going too damn adult these days.

4. Middelfart, Denmark


You can guess from where the inspiration behind the name came from.

5. F*cking, Austria


That’s the most stolen Road Sign in Austria.

6. Crapstone, UK


We guess no one would want to drive around this town.

7. Intercourse, Pennsylvania, USA


All men must be very happy after reading the name of this town.

8. Boring, Oregon, USA


It must be so boring to live in this town.

9. Accident, Maryland, USA


The place where you are destined to hit by a car.

10. Hell, Michigan, USA


We guess no one would want to live in this town.

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Do let us know if you have ever came across any weird town names that made you laugh hard.


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