If You Are A True Momos Lover, Try All These Types Of Momos

Momos is a Nepali (and Tibetan) name for Dumpling. It is a traditional delicacy in south Asian countries, mainly Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and few northern states of India. It is arguably the most popular fast food in Nepal. Not long ago, someone thought of a genius gastronomical idea: getting the delicious Momos to India. As soon as these little pockets of happiness landed on our plates, it quickly became the most loved street food. Momos are enthusiastically consumed  by everyone on the streets. There are more Momo corners in Kathmandu and Indian streets than all the McDonald’s and Subways combined in the city of New York, you get the point. So, here we list all the famous types of momos.

Types of Momos:

1. Steamed Momos

The all-time classic steamed Momos we all love to eat. This is definitely the most common way of cooking Momos. Cooked in a steamer for 10-15 minutes depending on the thickness of the wrap and amount of fillings.


2. Fried Momos

First steamed and then deep-fried. These deep-fried, crispy hot Momos taste best with mayonnaise and hot chilli garlic sauce.


3. Tandoori Momos

The tandoori twist, that the Momos have now got, was inevitable– given Delhi’s ‘Punjabification’. And it has led to tandoori Momos becoming latest temptations in the list of quirky savouries that the City’s gourmands love. It is our favourite among other types of momos.


4. Chilly Momos

Imagine a fiery plate of Momos prepared with hot, tangy sauce cooked with spring onions, sliced green chillies, fresh bell peppers and scallions. The sauce is well-balanced to excite your taste buds and chilly momos are the best type of momos if you like spicy food.


5. Chicken/Keema Momos

These juicy and flavoursome Momos filled with tender chicken/keema and spices will leave you salivating & wanting for more. The juicy chicken/keema is indeed the hero of the dish.  Enjoy them with fiery chilli chutney which enhances the taste of these juicy, steamed Momos.


6. Cheese Momos

A food lover’s ultimate dream come true! Cheese Momos have a rich filling of baby carrot, golden fried onions and crispy potatoes with hot, melting cheese.


7. Panner Momos

For Vegetarians who want to try something else, Paneer Momos are  filled with fresh, crushed paneer and can be easily found on the busy streets of different Indian cities. Next time you have a paneer craving, try these Momos out!


8. Chocolate Momos

One for the dessert as well. If you’re doubting the very existence of this dish, quash all doubts already! Chocolate momos will definitely surprise you with its sweet-savory flavour.


9. Green Momos

Remember hating spinach as a kid? Well, hate no more! The dough for this spinach or green momos is made of spinach blended with flour and kneaded with the water from the spinach. Hence, the name and the colour of the spinach.


10. Soup Momos

Enjoying Momos with a hot bowl of soup is the best way to spend your winter evenings.  This genius recipe is prepared with spicy and tangy vegetable/chicken broth and piping hot Momos are added to increase the flavour.


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11. Sweet Momos

We have been enjoying these Momos since our childhood, especially on Ganesh Chaturthi . These scrumptious Momos or modaks are prepared with full milk, sugar, crunchy coconut and a hint of cardamom. Nuts and dry fruits are added to give these sweet treats a rich flavour. Serve them with cold kheer or condensed sweet milk to make this dish a total knock-out.


Also, let us know which one is your absolute favourite among these types of momos and which one you want to try first? Make sure to share this post with your loved ones so that they get an idea of different types of momos.



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