Troll Bollywood: Best Bollywood Memes That You Will Find On The Internet

For all the Indian fans, we want you to laugh as hard as you can because we got some of the funniest Troll Bollywood memes. You know Bollywood is a gold mine and deeper you dig, the more funny things you will find at the bottom. Just like Hollywood, people troll Bollywood so much with perfect memes and funny pictures that it’s difficult not to laugh at them. Today, we have collected some of the funniest Bollywood memes and funny pictures that will give you an idea how much people love to troll celebrities in Bollywood.

People leaves now when it comes to trolling, from Shahrukh Khan to Neil Nitin Mukesh, these memes will make you go ROFL. So without killing your excitement, let us check out these funny Troll Bollywood memes which are among the best that you will find on the Internet. See them below.

Troll Bollywood Memes:

1. Effect of no jobs in India also affected our beloved Bollywood.Troll-Bollywood-memes-11

2. Only Mithun Da has the power to troll Bollywood.Troll-Bollywood-memes-9

3. That’s the only way you can get a hat trick in a single ball.Troll-Bollywood-memes-8

4. All the Hollywood would be jealous after seeing this funny picture.Troll-Bollywood-memes-3

5. That proud moment when you think you are the king of the world.Troll-Bollywood-memes-4

6. Only Farhan Akhtar knows how to be Sanskari in Bollywood.Troll-Bollywood-memes-5

7. The moment when Sunny Deol got trolled for his famous dialogue. Troll-Bollywood-memes-6

8. Vivek Oberoi at school and at the hostel.Troll-Bollywood-memes-2

9. In Bollywood, you need to go to Temple before going to any place else.  Troll-Bollywood-memes-22

10. When people troll Bollywood logic with this meme.Troll-Bollywood-memes

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