Traveling With A Dog: Why You Should Take Fido On An Adventure

Traveling, for pet owners, is much more difficult than those who don’t have furry friends at home. There’s much more to think about, especially when traveling for a long period of time. Traveling pet owners must ask themselves if they should leave their dogs at home, in a kennel, or take them along for the ride.

As a dog owner, you may have some reservations about taking your pup with you on your travels. We’re here to tell you that traveling with a dog is worth it! Here’s why you should take man’s best friend with you on your adventure and how to plan it.

Leaving Your Dog Behind

Leaving your dog behind may be costly. You’ll either have to pay a sitter to come into your home or leave your dog at a kennel. Having someone come into your home may be slightly uncomforting and leaving your dog at a kennel in a strange place is uncomforting for them.

Either way, your dog will be around strangers and might even experience separation anxiety. And let’s not mention the cost you’ll spend on either a sitter or a kennel.

Best Places to Travel to with a Dog

There are some pretty awesome places around the globe that allow pets to join you. So, don’t let the thought of not being able to find a dog-friendly destination stop you from planning an ultimate doggy trip. If you do your research, chances are you’ll find somewhere nearby your destination that is dog-friendly.

Be Aware of Regulations and Stay Prepared

Before taking off on your trip, be aware of all regulations and stay prepared. Depending on where you’re traveling to, you may need to show proof of your dog’s vaccinations, health records, and other forms of preventatives. Some places will need your dog to have proof of rabies antibodies in their blood.

Other things to consider are preventatives for tapeworms, import permits, and veterinary certificates. If you’re not prepared, your beloved pooch might end up in a clinic for several days while they run tests to determine his or her health.

Choose Your Type of Transportation

Consider the type of transportation you’ll take to get to your destination. Will you be traveling by car, plane, boat, train, or maybe even a luxury bus?

Different types of transportations have different regulations for bringing along your pup. When traveling by plane, know that there are regulations on the size of the dog that determine if he or she can fly with you in the cabin.

Never hesitate to read more on how to prepare your pet for their first flight. It’s important for both you and your dog to be comfortable at all times. Decide how you plan to travel and look into the regulations for that specific country, airline, boat, and others.

Purchase the Proper Equipment

Once you know how you’ll be traveling and what the regulations are, purchase the proper equipment. For example, sometimes you’ll be required to have certified crates for your dog.

Visit with a Veterinarian Before Leaving

No matter what the regulations are at your destination, always take the time to visit with a veterinarian before leaving. Even if you travel nationally and not too far from home, eliminating the need for certifications, it’s still important to have your pooch checked out before heading out.

You’ll want him or her to be as healthy as possible before putting the strain of traveling on him or her. Even if you know your pup is in the best of help, it doesn’t hurt to get clearance from the vet.

Know If Your Dog Will Enjoy the Trip

Consider the destination and be sure it’s dog-friendly. What’ll the weather be like? Will your dog enjoy the trip if the ground’s going to be covered in snow?

You know your dog better than anyone. Think about the destination, what you’ll be doing throughout the day, and what the weather is going to be like. Choose a spot that gives your dog the most amount of enjoyment.

When You Arrive

If you’re staying at a dog-friendly hotel or other accommodation, ask them to give you all the best tips on where to take your pup. Because they love dogs too, chances are they’ll know exactly which restaurants, bars, parks, and other places allow pets to join.

The Benefits of Traveling with a Dog

There are an unnamable amount of benefits of traveling with a dog. Each dog owner will have his or her own reasonings for enjoying his or her dog as a companion on the trip. For some, bringing their pup along gives them the comfort of safety.

This is especially true for those who plan to travel alone. Knowing that you have a guardian by your side will make you feel safe. It’s also good to have your dog with you when traveling to foreign places.

You’ll look more like a local since you’ll be walking with your pup next to you. This reduces the risk of becoming an easy target for criminals. Having your dog come along with you on your trip also forces you to maintain your daily routine.

You’ll need to walk, feed, and pamper your dog just as you would at home, and this eliminates jet lag.

Leave Your Traveling Worries Behind You

When traveling with a dog, you’re able to leave all your worries behind you. You won’t have to think about what your pup is doing throughout the day and whether or not he or she is being treated well. As long as you prepare yourself and your dog for the trip, you’ll reap the benefits of having your pooch there with you.

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