Top 10 Most Popular Nude Beaches From Around The World

Nude beaches are a heaven for naked people who want to have all the freedom in their life just like they want to get naked whenever they want at the topless beaches. Getting tanned under the sun and that too without any clothes is a dream of a happy-to-go man. Sometimes it’s better to reverse the evolution of mankind; from no clothes to clothes and again to no clothes and what’s a better place to do that then these nude beaches.

Not every country and city can handle that much of freedom where clothes are optional. Even it is considered as a sin in some of the countries but mind it, you are going to love this extra freedom. You can run, swim and tan without any clothes on nude beaches and that’s the reason they are better than our regular beaches. If you are planning to experience the freedom of going topless, we have a list of top 10 most popular nude beaches from around the world that will help you to choose the best of the topless beaches. Let’s have a look at these magical seaside spots.

1. Spiaggia di Guvano – Corniglia, Italy


Spiaggia di Guvano is a well-isolated beach where you can take off all your clothes and enjoy the warm sun. Although there’s only one way to reach the topless beach through a pitch dark tunnel but let us tell you it’s worth the work because you’ll be rewarded with a paradise full of naked Italians and beautiful sea view.

2. Wreck Beach – Vancouver, Canada


Wreck beach is the oldest clothing-optional beach in Canada. You have to walk to reach the place as it has no road access. There you will find topless vendors selling everything; from booze to tie-dye shirts. It is one of the most popular nude beaches in the world. Make sure the weather is warm and nice when you visit the place.

3. Valalta Beach – Rovinj, Croatia


Heaven for the romantic couple, Valalta will not disappoint you if you are going for a vacation there. There is a legendary resort near the beach where you can spend your nights. The one thing that makes this nudist beach different from other beaches is the adequate shade that protects the visitors from roasting.

4. Red Beach – Crete, Greece


We already have heard that Greece is a heaven for travellers and if you are visiting the country, make sure that you don’t miss this topless beach. You must be wondering where the name ‘Red‘ beach came from? well, it gets its name from the rusty colour of the sand. If you get bored with the local nudists, you can explore the nearby ancient ruins and sip coffee at the beach’s open bar.

5. Bellevue Beach – Klampenborg, Denmark


Bellevue beach is the favourite spot for the locals during the summer. The interesting fact about this nudist beach is that it has two halves; one-half is for completely nude people while the other is strictly topless-optional. So, it’s on you to decide which half you are going to visit. It is one of the most crowded nude beaches in the world.

6. Samurai Beach – Australia


Samurai is entirely clothing-optional and we all know how much Aussies love getting nude. You can expect locals playing Volleyball and various sports without any clothes on them. The best time to visit this clothes-optional beach is during the Nude Carnival in February.

7. Cap d’Agde – France


A resort town on the Mediterranean, Cap d’Age is also referred to as the ‘Naked City‘ and it completely lives up to the expectations. Although you can roam around the town in clothes but it is mandatory to be naked on the beach. The only rule of the Naked city is you can’t click pictures.

8. Leucate Plage – France


Leucate beach is one of the best nude beaches if you are looking for some fun with your friends. The place is best for the young people who are looking to get naked for the first time. The nudist beach also offers great options if you are looking for some privacy.

9. Praia do Pinho – Brazil


Sorry to break your heart, but if you are not willing to get naked then you can’t visit this Brazillian beach because nudity is mandatory there. Not only that, but dudes can’t go solo there and a girl is mandatory for all the fellas. Pretty hard restrictions but these are worth visiting this first naturist beach.

10. Es Trenc – Mallorca, Spain


So, we have come to the end of this list of top 10 most popular nude beaches in the world. We have kept the gold for the last place, Es Trenc is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Spain or in other words, this beach is pure fantasy with beautiful people completely naked. Although the beach is completely choked during the summer, but if you can get there early and grab a spot, you can relax and experience the heaven there itself.

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Have you already visited any of these nude beaches? Do share your experience with us in the comments section below.


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