Top 10 Hot Bollywood Movies That Prove Indian Cinema Is Getting Bold

Bollywood movies are breaking norms every year, many adult Indian movies fell into controversy all because of the intimate scenes in those movies. The young Indian audience is not afraid to accept that the world cinema is moving forward and it is getting bold. Bollywood is not far behind the world when we talk about s*xy movies, there are many hot Bollywood movies that have been released and loved by the Indian audience.

We have compiled a list of top 10 hot Bollywood movies that are no less than adult movies. These movies have some of the most passionate and steamy s*x scenes, and that’s why the Censor Board was never happy with these sensual movies. The plot of these movies revolve around the erotic world and these bold Bollywood movies feature some of the hottest love scenes. Have a look at the top 10 hot Bollywood movies below.

10. Jism (2003)


The reason behind the movie became a hit is the steamy hot love scenes between the lead pair of the movie John Abraham and Bipasha Basu. The couple were dating at the time they shot the movie and their sizzling chemistry on-screen is something to watch for. Surely, it is one of the hot Bollywood movies that we have ever seen.

9. Nasha (2013)


A desperate attempt by the lead actress of the movie Poonam Pandey to showcase her s*xy body, Nasha is all about hot and intimate scenes. Pandey who loves to be in the limelight once again showed that why she is the seductive queen of the entertainment industry. She knows how to pull the crowd to the theatres and that’s the reason this adult movie became a hit.

8. Mastram (2014)


The first of its kind, Mastram is a fictional biography. The film is about a reluctant pornographic writer and his struggle to get his s*xually explicit content published. The movie also highlighted the hypocrisy of Indian society regarding porn and s*xuality. Do watch this movie to feel the pain behind the porn.

7. Julie (2004)


Julie is yet another Hindi movie that garnered huge controversy because of its content. The movie is about a young girl from Goa and the circumstances that force her to become a high-profile s*x worker. It helped the lead actress of the movie, Neha Dhupia, grab the attention of Bollywood’s producer.

6. Hawas (2004)


Hawas is an adaption of famous American movie Unfaithful. The plot revolves around the extramarital affair of a young girl and the movie contains some of the hottest intimate scenes ever filmed in India. Also, the movie has every element of an adult movie i.e wealth, lust, betrayal and murder.

5. Murder (2004)


Yet another adaption of the movie Unfaithful, Murder is a Hindi erotic saga that set a bar for all the upcoming adult movies in the Bollywood. There are some really hot scenes shot between the lead actors, particularly Emraan Hashmi and Mallika Sherawat. The movie marked the beginning of a new era of Indian film industry.

4. Sins (2005)


Sins movie has controversy written all over it because the story of the movie revolves around the life of a Catholic priest and his s*xual encounters with a young girl. The movie also has some controversial topless scenes due to which the movie received an A certificate from the Indian censor board.

3. Girlfriend (2004)


Girlfriend is the only movie that managed to touch the controversial topic of homosexuality. The movie has some of the hot and bold love scenes between the two lead actresses Isha Kopikkar and Amrita Arora. As expected, the movie landed in huge controversy because of its unorthodox plot revolving around lesbianism.

2. Fire (1996)


Here comes one of the oldest hot Bollywood movies, Fire was banned from the Indian cinema halls because it depicts the hidden desires of few Indian women. The movie also highlighted the Orthodox topic of homosexuality and that’s the reason the movie gained the status of a Cult globally.

1. B.A Pass (2013)


Undoubtedly, B.A Pass is one of the hot Bollywood movies that we have ever seen. The movie has few bold scenes involving lead actress Shilpa Shukla that took the s*xuality to another level. Bollywood will never see such a hot and s*xy movie where a woman seduces a much younger boy. B.A Pass is one of those movies that you can’t miss watching at any cost.

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Do let us know if you have watched any other hot Bollywood movies? If you have watched any of these adult movies, share your views with us.


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