Top 10 Funniest Tweets About The Rio Olympics That You Simply Can’t Ignore

Rio Olympics has recently ended but it has given us some heart breaking and funny memories. While some moments where athletes like Usain Bolt smiling for the camera just before finishing the race, made us laugh. There are some sharp minds there on the twitter who are too funny and witty with their tweets. Today, we got some of the funniest tweets about the Rio Olympics that you can’t miss for sure. These funniest tweets are pure gold when it comes to humor. Check them below:

Funniest Tweets:

1. When your Trainer gives up on you.Funniest-Tweets-Rio-Olympics-10

2. That’s morning motivation in the funniest possible way ever.Funniest-Tweets-Rio-Olympics-9

3. Even we are not sure what’s going on. Sometimes even subtitles can tell the truth.Funniest-Tweets-Rio-Olympics-8

4. There are times when you want to beat down the Commentator.Funniest-Tweets-Rio-Olympics-7

5. When your whole life is full of struggle.Funniest-Tweets-Rio-Olympics-6

6. Yeah! That’s completely me. I mean who the hell wants more medals.Funniest-Tweets-Rio-Olympics-4

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7. When someone tells you the most obvious thing in the world.Funniest-Tweets-Rio-Olympics-3

8. When you realize that you are the Biggest Hypocrite in the world.Funniest-Tweets-Rio-Olympics-2

9. When you are preparing for your street Olympics.Funniest-Tweets-Rio-Olympics

10. We don’t think we need to say more on this. Their names are soulmate for each other.Funniest-Tweets-Rio-Olympics-11

Also, let us know what do you think about these funniest tweets about Rio Olympics and if you have any tweet of yours to share.


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