Top 10 Most Beautiful Mexican Women Of All Time

Mexican women are among the hottest women in the world. They are dark and expressive with beautiful eyebrows making them the sexiest women on this planet. Many beautiful Mexican women are ruling the film industry because of their hot looks and sex appeal on-screen. Mexican women are not usually fair and their dark skin tone adds up to their hotness. They are also well-known for their hot curvy figure. It’s very hard not to have a crush on them after you see these beautiful Mexican women on-screen.

Although there are thousands of beautiful Mexican women around the world but we have tried to list down the top 10 most beautiful Mexican women of all time. They are beautiful, sexy and equally successful in their respective careers. Let’s have a look at these most desirable Mexican women.

 10. Martha Higareda


Martha Higareda is a Mexican actress, TV producer and writer. She mostly appears on Mexican TV shows and movies. Her mother is also an actress and that’s the reason this Mexican beauty began acting on the stage at a very early age. Martha is also referred as the Mexican Sandra Bullock, she has also started a production company to produce movies and TV shows.

9. Paola Nuñez


Paola Nuñez is a Mexican actress and producer. She started acting in theatre at the tender age of twelve. Paola usually appears in Mexican TV shows and movies, and she has also won a couple of awards for the same. She is a big fan of extreme sports and love adventures. She is one of the most beautiful Mexican women that appear in the Mexican soap operas.

8. Adriana Fonseca


Adriana Fonseca is a Mexican actress and dancer. She is one of the most recognisable actresses in Mexico having starred in 14 soap operas around the world. Adriana is also named among the most talented women of her generation. In 1997, she won the award for the Most Beautiful Woman for a recognised newspaper. Despite being so talented, Adriana is still one of the hottest and most beautiful Mexican women of all time.

7. Demi Lovato


Many of you might be surprised after seeing Demi Lovato’s name of the list. She is a famous American singer, songwriter and actress. Lovato’s father was of a Mexican descent and that’s the reason her name is on the list. She is one of the most beautiful artists in the world and just like her roaring career in the pop world, she is the crush of many people young hearts around the world. Her conventional Mexican looks and beautiful features make her one of the most beautiful Mexican women in the world.

6. Ana de la Reguera


Ana de la Reguera is one of the hottest Mexican actresses that the world has ever seen. She is famous for her role in the HBO television series Eastbound & Down. Her mother, Nena de la Reguera, was a Miss Veracruz and we guess that’s the source of the beauty of this actress. Ana is also heavily involved in the charity work and has also founded an organisation to raise funds for the natural disasters.

5. Blanca Soto


Blanca Soto is a Mexican actress, model and former winner of Nuestra Belleza Mundo México beauty pageant contest. We are short of words in describing the beauty of this hot model. Exotically beautiful, raven-haired Blanca Soto is nothing short of a dream woman. She has appeared in a couple of TV series, movies and music videos. Blanca is a renowned name in the international modelling world.

4. Maite Perroni


Maite Perroni is a Mexican actress, singer and model. She is one of the most famous actresses hailing from Mexico and has won the award for Best Actress of the Year in 2016. She is the first Mexican women chosen by the Mexico’s youth to have an iconic Barbie doll fashioned after her. Maite was listed among the 100 Most Beautiful Faces 2016 by TC Candler for 5 years in a row and also, on the list of The 50 Most Beautiful People in the World by People Magazine for straight 8 years.

3. Bárbara Mori


Taking the no. 3 spot on this list of top 10 most beautiful Mexican women is none other than the famous actress and model Bárbara Mori. Mori is a famous celebrity not only in Mexico but in the whole world. She has starred in may self-produced movies and music videos. Bárbara has also starred in a Bollywood flick starring opposite the greek god of Bollywood Hrithik Roshan. Many critics refer her as one of the most beautiful Mexican women of all time.

2. Priscila Perales


Priscila Perales is a Mexican actress, model and the winner of Miss International 2007. She is young, hot and everything that anyone can dream off. Apart from representing Mexico at the international beauty pageants and winning most of those beauty pageants, she has appeared in a couple of TV series and a movie. Undoubtedly, she is one of the most beautiful Mexican women of all time.

1. Jessica Alba


Considered as a sex symbol, Jessica Alba is our top pick among the top 10 most beautiful Mexican women. Her father is of Mexican ancestry that clearly reflects in her glamorous personality. The famous American actress is a part of almost all the lists listing the hottest and sexiest women in the world. She’s also one of the most beautiful celebrity moms of all time. No actress can beat her in terms of sex appeal and hotness.

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So, this was our list of top 10 most beautiful Mexican women of all time. If you think that we have missed any famous name, do let us know in the comments section below. Also, if you liked these beautiful women, share this post with your friends and loved ones.


  1. Of all time? María Felix, Elsa Aguirre, Lupe Velez, Lupita Jones, Salma Hayek instead of Alba, Perales, Perroni, Lovato, Nuñez, Higadera.


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