Top 10 Most Beautiful Finnish Women – 2017

Finnish women look very appealing and attractive at the first sight. Most of the beautiful Finnish women look better than the other European women. The secret of their beauty is believed to be in their genes, their gorgeous faces, snub noses are the few characteristics that make them look different from other European women. Their beauty has been praised throughout the ages and they have evolved as one of the most beautiful women in the Northern Europe.

To honour the beauty of these charming ladies, we have listed out the top 10 most beautiful Finnish women in the world. Their mesmerizing beauty can make any men go weak at the knees. Let’s have a look at these incredibly beautiful women.

10. Satu Tuomisto


Satu Tuomisto is a Finnish model and the winner of the Miss Finland 2008. After winning the beauty pageant, she went to represent Finland in the Miss Universe 2008 competition. The 31-year-old hot model was in great demand by the country’s fashion brand and if you see her sizzling hot photoshoots, you will realise that why she’s one of the most beautiful Finnish women.

9. Sofia Ruusila


Sofia Ruusila is a Finnish Fitness athlete and Designer. She won the World Championship in Bikini Fitness in 2015. In 2013, she won the Fitness America Weekend event held in Las Vegas. Her glowing skin and completely toned body are few of the characteristics of this hot fitness athlete that helped her grab the seventh spot on this list of top 10 most beautiful Finnish women.

8. Pia Pakarinen


Pia Pakarinen is a Finnish actress, model and former Miss Finland 2011. After winning the beauty pageant, she represented Finland in the Miss Universe 2011 competition. According to her, she’s a very shy in nature because of her humble background. After her short modelling stint, Pakarinen has worked in a couple of TV series. Undoubtedly, she is one of the most beautiful Finnish women of our generation.

7. Suvi Koponen


Suvi Koponen is a Finnish Fashion model and probably the most famous model in this list. She has worked with big fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, Prada and Vogue. In 2007, New York magazine placed her among the Top Ten Models to Watch This Fashion Week. Koponen looks like a typical Finnish woman with most of her characteristics resembling beautiful women from her country.

6. Sabina Särkkä


Sabina Särkkä is a Finnish model and the first runner-up at Miss Finland 2012. Her hot body, blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes are only a few reasons to name her one of the most beautiful Finnish women of all time. Her insanely hot photoshoots in a Bikini prove that Särkkä is also one of the hottest women in Northern Europe.

5. Emilia Pikkarainen


Enough of the actresses and beauty pageant winners, here comes a woman that doesn’t belong to the glamour world. We are talking about Emilia Pikkarainen who is a Finnish swimmer. We know that the last woman you wanna see on this list would be a swimmer but believe us she’s breathtakingly beautiful and gorgeous. She still holds the Finnish record in swimming styles but that doesn’t make her any less beautiful.

4. Sara Chafak


The women whose trademark is her hotness, we are talking about the Finnish former beauty queen who was crowned the Miss Finland 2012. After winning the competition, she has appeared on the local TV reality shows and since, then she is well-recognized in the country. The 26-year-old Finnish beauty looks insanely hot in real life and that’s the reason, she grabbed the fourth spot on this list of top 10 most beautiful Finnish women.

3. Janni Hussi


Janni Hussi is a Finnish fitness model who has worked with several international sports brands. She is considered as one of the hottest fitness models in the country. According to her, “Exercising has been her passion since childhood” and we believe, when beauty gets along with fitness, it’s one of the deadliest assets of a woman. She is definitely one of the most beautiful Finnish women of her generation.

2. Elina Tervo


Another Finnish fitness athlete/model on the list and her name is Elina Tervo. She works as a fitness coach. Over the years, she has won numerous beauty-fitness competitions and is considered as one of the hottest female fitness athletes in the world. Seeing her photoshoots, we bet you will go crazy over her seductive side.

1. Kiira Korpi


Looks the beautiful Finnish women don’t choose fashion industry because most of these women are not from the glamour world. Kiira Korpi is a Finnish figure skater and the most beautiful Finnish women of the current generation. After winning several skating championships, she finally retired in 2015. In 2008, described her as the Most beautiful woman in figure skating.

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We are sure that the beauty of these top 10 beautiful Finnish women has already given you goosebumps. Leave us a comment telling what you think of these hot women?


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