10 Struggles Of Being A Woman That No Man Can Understand

Being a woman is not an easy job and for all of the men who think that it’s as easy as it as being a man, then you haven’t experienced the daily struggles of being a woman. Although women can do everything a man can do but the god has made them a little different from men. No doubt, they are more intelligent, smarter and wise than men but there are few struggles of being a woman that no man can understand. From getting ready in the morning to going to bed in the night, women have a long list of tasks to do that all men can never understand.

Today, we are listing down some of the struggles of being a woman that no man can understand. All the women out there who are reading this article will definitely relate to these struggles and if you are a man, we advise you to understand what women go through every day.


1. You know you had a long tiring day when you see this on your shoulder.



2. Only a woman with long hair can understand the struggle of wearing glasses.



3. Wearing shoes can never be as simple as it is for men.



4. When you are on your periods and you are suffering from cold.



5. The face all women make when they try to apply mascara.



6. You always wish that using a public toilet is easy as it is for men.



7. You know you haven’t found the right colour lipstick when your hand is like this.



8. Those everyday struggles of being a woman can’t be expressed in words.



9. The final test that you will ever face in a restroom.



10. Only women know how it feels to walk on the grass with heels.



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Well, these struggles of being a woman tell us that why women are better than men in every sense. Share this article and let others know about it.


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