How to Sleep Better, Tips from Puffy and Tulo Mattress

There’s a chance you’re not getting the best sleep that you should be receiving. The first time someone told me this I got slightly mad. The reason was I had just invested in a new bed, and everything seemed okay. In my head, I felt like he didn’t have the right to make such a judgment and yet I had gone to such great lengths to get comfortable. Mattress buying is a tricky affair, and you need the one that complements your needs, a fact that I had disregarded. Well, I finally understood that you could get better quality sleep from a mattress, thanks to Puffy and Tulo Mattress.



Here are six ways to sleep better:

1. Sleep Comfortable

Comfort is among the first things to look out for when purchasing a mattress. It’s crucial and can’t be compromised. As long as you’re experiencing some discomfort, chances are you’ll not have much shut-eye.

A comfortable bed offers pressure relief and will match your needs. You could be sleeping on old bedding, which needs replacement. Old mattresses get uncomfortable over time.

Comfort is a serious affair and brands in the industry invest in giving it to their customers. Puffy is one such example, and you can check out the Puffy mattress overview here.


2. Have Sufficient Back and Spinal Support

You require support, and just like comfort, you can’t compromise on it. The mattress must have the stability and support needed for a good night’s rest. Back and spinal supports are two critical aspects to look out for. When you fall short on the two, you’ll start complaining of aches which will affect your sleep.

The mattress adapts to the body curves providing the support that you require. Proper spinal alignment is also crucial and goes hand in hand with support.


3. Sleep Cool


There are optimal temperatures that that must be achieved for you to experience quality sleep. Extreme heat or cold temperatures will disrupt your rest. You can sleep better when your bed wicks the heat away from your body, keeping you cool. We tend to get too hot while sleeping.

The mattress construction contributes significantly to its cooling effect. Although foam beds have a reputation of sleeping hot, according to a Puffy review, some specific brands use advanced or gel-infused foam which rests cool.


4. Get The ‘Right’ Firmness Feel

You may be missing out on good sleep because your bedding doesn’t have the right firmness. To sleep better, find a mattress that will complement your preferences and needs. ‘Right’ is relative to whatever works for you may not work for someone else. The right firmness feel depends on your sleep posture and weight. Brands like Tulo give consumers multiple firmness options to cater for a wide variety of sleepers. Check out Ratings of Tulo Mattress Review to see the firmness options they offer.


5. Other Mattress Features to Look Out For

There are other mattress features which we need to look out for to sleep better. If you’re sharing, for instance, edge support and motion transfer will be crucial factors. When the bed lacks edge support, you’ll find yourself falling which disrupts your sleep. Limited motion transfer is also beneficial. Not sleeping because of your partners constant tossing and turning can be a nightmare. Therefore, you need strong edge support to stay on the bed and one with significantly limited motion transfer.


6. Have an Evening Routine

Incorporating an evening routine into your schedule is a great way of signalling your body that it’s time to have a rest. It improves the quality of sleep that you receive.

A warm bath, body stretches, dimming lights and switching off your phone and laptop are excellent examples of things to do before bed.



It is evident that brands such as Puffy and Tulo Mattress are dedicated to guaranteeing that you get quality sleep. They are not the only ones, as the sleep industry is bursting with such companies. You have the power to sleep better, and with some research, you’ll find the bed that works for you.


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