5 Shocking And Most Revealing Dresses Of Famous Actresses

Sometimes in the name of fashion, celebrities reveal too much. While some celebrities try to look decent before the cameras, others choose to look sexy and hot by wearing the most revealing dress. After you see these dresses, you will be in shock as you can almost see through these dresses. We don’t know what these famous actresses were thinking when they chose to wear some of the most revealing dresses on the red carpet. Some of these outfits even result in fans outrage from around the world. Check out these shocking and most revealing dresses below.

Most Revealing Dresses Of Famous Actresses:

5. Jennifer Lopez at the Grammy’sMost-Revealing-Dresses-Celebrities-Jennifer-Lopez-at-the-Grammy’s

We know most of you will get surprised finding her name on the list. But, if you see closely what Jennifer Lopez was wearing at the 42nd Grammy Awards back in 2000, you will realize that she surely deserves a place in this list of most revealing dresses. The famous dress “Green Versace” revealed not only the cleavage but too much of the beautiful actress. It was a very bold move back then.

4. Miley Cyrus at the VMAsMost-Revealing-Dresses-Celebrities-Miley-Cyrus-at-the-VMAs

Quite frankly, we are also not sure when our cute and adorable Hannah Montana grew up so fast and became a dirty Miley Cyrus. While, she has done all the weird things in the world and nothing is left in her kitty. But still, we have to include this dress in our list of most revealing dresses on the red carpet. Although she tried her best to be scandalous with that dress but in the way, she revealed too much of her.

3. Micaela Schäfer At Men In Black Premiere.Most-Revealing-Dresses-Celebrities-Micaela-Schafer-at-the-Men-in-Black-premiere

We think most of you are familiar with her name. Now, let’s talk about the dress she wore to 2012 Men In Black Premiere. Actually, it’s not possible to call it a Dress because it left nothing to the imagination. It is one of the most revealing dresses ever seen on the red carpet. Many magazines quoted it as “Micaela Schaefer Nearly Naked At Men In Black Premiere”. Now, you can imagine what that was and why she’s on the list. and if you google Micaela Schäfer Wardrobe Malfunction on the Internet, you are most probably going to land on this very topic.

2. Irina Shayk at the Oscar PartyMost-Revealing-Dresses-Celebrities-Irina-Shayk-at-the-Oscar-Party-2015

Do you remember this iconic dress of Irina Shayk, a Russian Model? This super revealing dress became viral on the Internet after the beauty wore it at 2015 Oscar Party. Moreover, there were many secrets of the beauty that were revealed that night. Mirror quoted this dress as “Irina Shayk is nearly naked in a sheer gown at Oscars after party”. So, now you can imagine that why we included that dress among the other most revealing dresses of all time.

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1. Rose McGowan at the VMAsMost-Revealing-Dresses-Celebrities-Rose-McGowan-at-the-VMAs

Without any doubt, Rose McGowan’s dress at the VMAs deserves to top this list of most revealing dresses. This dress leaves nothing to the imagination and you can see and explore the beauty from bottom to top. Back in 1998, its was a bold move from a celebrity. Even today, no other celebrity can dare to wear such an outfit but Rose had the guts to show the world what she is. Moreover, she was literally naked on the red carpet and this dress of her has made a name through the books as the “Rose McGowan’s Iconic VMAs Dress

Also, let us know which of these ‘most revealing dresses’ do you find shocking. And make sure to share this with your friends and loved ones.


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