Share Happiness – A Story About A Boy Who Gave Tip To A Waiter

This story is about a boy who showed the power of generosity to a waiter and share happiness with him, despite the fact that waiter was not so generous to him. Also, we all should learn a lesson from this story so as to share our happiness with others, no matter they are kind to us or not. We should always give something in order to get something. Check out the inspiring story below.

Share Happiness:

Once upon a time, a little boy went to an Ice cream shop and climbed onto a stool. He caught the eye of the waiter and asked, “What is the cost of an Ice Cream Sundae?”

“50 cents,” the waiter replied. The boy checked into his pockets, pulled out some coins, and began counting. The waiter frowned impatiently as he had other customers to wait on.

Then the boy asked the waiter “How much is a plain Ice Cream Cone?”. The waiter sighed and rolled her eyes. “30 cents,” he said while showing an irritated face.

Again, the boy counted his coins. At last, he said, “I’ll have the plain Ice Cream cone, please.” He put exactly 30 cents on the counter. The waiter took the coins, brought the ice cream, and walked away.

About ten minutes later, she returned and found the boy is not there and he had finished his ice cream. The boy was gone. The waiter picked up the empty dish and was surprised on what he saw there.

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There on the counter, next to the wet spot where the dish had been, were 20 cents. Then he realized that the boy had enough money for a sundae, but he had ordered plain ice cream cone so he could leave tip for the waiter. With tears in his eyes, the waiter took the tip money and learnt an important life lesson i.e share happiness.

Happiness is only real, when shared.

In a world that constantly tells us to get all we can, every so often it’s important to be reminded of the power of generosity.

Also, let us know if you liked this story- Share Happiness and please, share it with your loved ones.


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