Shakeology vs 310 Shake

You may have heard a lot about various meal replacement shakes. Some of them are more effective and some do not work at all. That is why it is better to consume only high-quality weight loss shakes. So, in this article, we are going to compare two of the best meal replacement shakes with the weight loss effect(Shakeology vs 310 Shake).


How do they work?

In fact, Shakeology meal replacement shake has only natural components. It decreases your appetite, improves your metabolism, and betters your overall health. Moreover, it helps you get rid of extra kilograms. You can read more information about Shakeology shake on the Internet website Customerhealthguide.

As for the 310 shake, it is also very popular. But still, it comprises only half components in comparison with the Shakeology. And the price of 310 Shake is also lower than the price of the former. It also suppresses hunger, improves health, and provides its customers with the weight loss effect.


Main Ingredients:

1. Calories

Actually, both of these shakes have less than 200 calories. But still, there are some differences. Shakeology meal replacement shake has 140 calories per serving. 310 Shake has 90 calories in one scoop.


2. Fat and sugar

Speaking about the fat, both meal replacement shakes contain only 1g fat in one scoop. But there is a difference in the sugar amount. Shakeology shake has 9g sugar per serving, and 310 Shake does not have any sugar. By the way, Shakeology shake also has a fructose, and 310 Shake does not have it.


3. The proteins

As for the proteins, both meal replacement shakes comprise a whey protein concentrate. 310 Shake has 15g protein per serving, and Shakeology Shake has 17g protein per scoop. Moreover, 310 Shake has a special Triplex-Protein concentrate, which has the least amount of lactose and carbs and works quicker.


4. Nutrients

In accordance with the online website, Shakeology meal replacement shake comprises about 70 various components. For example, many vitamins, minerals, probiotics, antioxidants, phytonutrients, superfoods, etc. As for the 310 Shake, it has just 16 various vitamins. But still, it can provide you with the 30% of necessary ingredients needful for daily consumption.


5. The fiber content

Shakeology meal replacement shake has 3g fiber per scoop, and 310 Shake has 5g fiber per serving.


6. Flavours

Speaking about the taste of the Shakeology, it is available in five flavours. They are chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, café latte, and greenberry. 310 Shake is available in four flavours: vanilla chai, chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.


How much do they cost?

Actually, Shakeology meal replacement shake costs about $130 per package. It is about $4 per serving. And 310 Shake costs about $70 per package. It is about $2.50 per serving.

So, now you know the main differences between the Shakeology and 310 Shake. But still, both meal replacement shakes can improve your overall health and guarantee fast weight loss effect. In any way, it will be better to ask your nutritionist before the consumption of these shakes in order to prevent negative impacts and allergies.


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