6 Ways To Satisfy The Healthy Foodie In You

If you love your body, you know that exercise and eating right plays a big factor in your overall health. It can be difficult to make healthy choices, though. The tacos and freshly glazed doughnuts of the world can certainly be tempting and can lead us astray from our diets. But you can find delicious, healthier alternatives to those foods, that won’t make being healthy feel like a drag. There are also wonderful eating tips that will help you on your health journey.

Healthier Snacks

We all have those salty or sweet cravings that feel like only chips and chocolate can cure. But you can curb those cravings with healthier options. Fresh fruits can substitute for candies. Snacks like pickles or olives can curb that salty craving. And you can even substitute certain foods for healthier alternatives. Some people substitute butter for avocado or Greek yoghurt instead of mayonnaise. Changing up your diet in these little ways will have a big effect on your overall health.

Ready-to-Eat Meals

Life can get hectic and sometimes you just don’t have enough time in the day to plan, prepare, and cook entire meals. This often leads us to want to order a pizza or grab some quick takeout. But you don’t have to do that unhealthy lifestyle anymore. You can still eat wonderfully planned and cooked meals, there are meal services that will do the work for you. Skip the shopping, planning, and even the prepping. Meal services take all the hard work out of cooking and even opens up the doors to a wider variety of organic foods. The good thing is, looking for the best organic prepared meal delivery services is as easy as 1-2-3! All you need to do is get online and you’ll find a list of different companies, recipes, and services to choose from. Some of the meals are so exceptionally delicious, that you’ll never think it’s healthy. Also, if you have a storage problem, you can check out this super-cool guide for buying a portable refrigerator.

Portion Sizes

Eating the right portions is another great tip to follow when you want to eat right and stay healthy. Overeating can lead to heartburn, uncomfortable feeling, and even sluggishness. It also doesn’t help that we’ve eaten a lot more calories than we should have either. You don’t need to eat until you feel stuffed. You should eat the recommended portion sizes that give you the proper amount of energy and nutrition. And if you find yourself unwilling going through a drive-thru, it is helpful to remember smaller portions here too. Eating healthy doesn’t usually mean fast food options, but let’s face it – life gets busy and sometimes we don’t have a whole lot of choice. If you’re running late and all you can do for breakfast is a drive-thru, order a sandwich without the fries or the soda. If there are any salad options, opt for those instead.

Sugar-Free and Low Fat

You can’t go wrong with sugar-free and low-fat options. You can drop an extra pound or two, just by switching up your normal food options with these types. For the most part, you will find that the sugar-free and low-fat options still taste as good as the regular food that you buy and eat. They even have baked chips now that have half the fat of regular chips. They even have a much lighter and airier feel to them, but still, have a delicious and satisfying crunch. I happen to think that free yoghurt even tastes better than regular yoghurt. It is sweeter but still has the same smooth, creamy, silky texture. So, change up your food with their healthier cousins. Even small changes like this can make a big difference.

Revamp Your Water

It is no secret that drinking water is the best and healthiest drink choice. It beats the sugars and artificial chemicals in sodas and juices, any day! But if you are finding your water becoming a bit bland and boring, there are ways to vamp it up, without the nasty stuff that you find in other kinds of drinks. You can find powdered water flavors that when added to a bottle of water, creates a super-fruity and delicious drink! Your water will never be boring again! These come in a ton of different flavors. Some even have added boosts like extra energy or enhanced mood. If you add the powdered flavorings to sparkling water, they taste just like soda pop!


Many people, who eats well, don’t think they need to take vitamins because they’re healthy enough already. But added vitamins will only make you healthier and feel better. A lot of vitamins come in a powder form nowadays. You can mix it in with your water and enjoy an extra boost of vitamins that taste like a delicious orange juice. There are hundreds of supplements out there that you can incorporate into your diet. These supplements can do everything from improving focus, giving you extra energy, and even boosting your immune system. When you take these, along with eating right, your health will only be boosted and you’ll feel like a million bucks!

It’s comforting to know that we can be healthy and still enjoy the flavors that we love. Whoever said dieting was a pain could not have been more wrong.


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