5 Rules To Follow While Writing Fictional Novels

Fiction novels are not as difficult to write as they seem to be. Every person has spun stories in his time to tell mothers, school teachers or even friends. Some people seem to have the knack to tell stories with all types of characters and events fully integrated into their stories like they were real.


What seems like a difficult task for some, is a piece of cake for a storyteller. Writing a fiction novel is very similar to telling a story with just a little difference. A fiction novel is first conceived and then told in a proper manner with all kinds of editing done and proofread before being printed and sold in the market.

Just like all the best sellers have done till now, you can also weave a story around an incident with all the characters playing their respective parts and turn it into a best seller fiction novel. However, before you jump into writing one, there are certain rules that you require to follow so that your story becomes a coveted bestseller.

Show, Don’t Tell


Before you start writing a fiction novel, you need to practice writing on a daily basis. In order to develop this habit, you need an anonymous blog. What does anonymous blog mean? It means a blog that does not have the name of the author writing the blogs. An anonymous blog is important because if you write in your own name, you could by mistake leak out the plot of your own novel and people can know it from your name.

Now, one of the first rules of fiction writing is that you just show the world an overview of the story, but never tell the contents. Everyone loves to guess and make their own conclusions, therefore if you give away what the world loves the most, your novel will never come out on the stands.

Similarly, when you start anonymous blogging, you don’t tell your name in the beginning. When people start to love your writing, you can come out with a statement and turn yourself into a superstar.

Create a likeable character- a multidimensional


Starting an anonymous blog is very much like creating a multi-dimensional character as your lead person. Just like your lead person is a very talented, good looking, intelligent and good fighter at times, you also need to know where to find best blog platforms, where to post anonymous blog posts and what is the purpose of an anonymous blog post.

The anonymous blog posts that you write should be as versatile as your main character on which your novel revolves. Versatility is a very important character because it mesmerizes the audience and spins its own web in a manner that the audience just watches and listens to what the main character does.

The character of the lead person should be in the liking of the audience because most people start to relate themselves with the main character. Therefore, the anonymous blog posts that you write should also be such that people can relate to and very close to their heart.

Write for the audience and not for yourself


It is the audience who will decide whether your novel is good or not, irrespective of whether you like it or not. Sometimes, after all the editing and pruning of the original work, you come out with a work that looks like a masterpiece to you. However, when it reaches the public, it does not garner the kind of response that you anticipate.

The difference is perspective. A novel or a blog which is written just for self-satisfaction does not necessarily guarantee success. However, a novel or a blog written with the audience in mind is sure to generate much better audience than expected.

Never tell the ending

Audience is always more than interested in knowing the result even before reading a novel. We all are the same way, so just let the people guessing and if you can, make the end a little more interesting and dramatic. This will keep the audience stuck to their chairs and novel open.

In the same manner, don’t write everything of substance in the first paragraph of the blog, unwrap it very slowly so that people stay glued to their seats for the length of your article. A successful anonymous blog is one which people love to read and the content remains in mind for a long time.

Writing every day is the key


Just as a story cannot be narrated in a single day, a novel also cannot be written in a single day. You need to write every day so that your mind can create something new. Similarly, you need to write anonymous blogs every day with new stories so that people become your follower and one day you can come out with your own blog site.


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