This Romantic Underwater Wedding Is A Dream Of All The Couples

Every bride in the world wants her wedding to be a special one and different from all her friends/relatives. Most of them start fantasizing about their wedding at quite a young age. They always want it to be extravagant and unique. Some years ago, someone introduced the concept of a destination wedding, most likely a beach wedding and it made people crazy. But, these days beach wedding is a common thing and doesn’t look like unique. The underwater wedding is the thing that’s trending these days. A bride Susana Zamos got lucky with her wishes when she took her wedding vows in the middle of the Caribbean Sea.

Not so many people will dare to agree for an underwater wedding, but Susana took the challenge and the result was too beautiful. Although, underwater weddings are not easy but if you have a professional photographer, then the risk is worth taking. If you can see the photographs of her romantic underwater wedding, you will realise why are we talking about that so much.

The couple arrived at their destination in a boat. 


Groom Jovany and bride Susana Zamos taking their wedding vow in the middle of the Carribean Sea in Cozumel, Mexico.


Around 100 family and friends attended their romantic wedding and that too, in the sea.


Their underwater wedding dream got shattered when their event organiser called it impossible.


But, their photographer Sol Tamargo convinced them otherwise and did the impossible.


The photographer team(the Del Sol team) had to make lots of arrangement to make the couple’s dream come true.


The photographer Tamargo felt the excitement and her urge to do something like this that she had never done before.


The photos she took from both underwater and above water are so beautiful and stunning.


The photographer team beautifully captured the couple’s emotions.


Worthless to mention, their unique wedding memories will always remain close to their heart.


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Source: Del Sol Photography | My Modern Met.


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