How To Choose A Romantic Location For Two

It’s hard to stay romantic nowadays. It’s inconvenient and often simply impossible because there’s no time for such things in the 21st century. We always have a lot of things to do and worry about and hence we can’t find a romantic location to go with our loved one. It’s difficult to find romance in such a boring, yet sometimes interesting and fascinating, everyday life. But we miss it so much! Especially when it comes to romantic relationships. And it doesn’t matter whether you met your soul mate recently or many years ago.

A romantic journey is one of the universal ways to fill your life and relationships with bright colours. J4l will help you choose the most romantic locations that will meet all your expectations.



For those who love traditional recreation, there’s no better option than some European country. You can wander along the ancient streets of Vienna or Prague, Paris or Rome, visit the ancient castles of France or the Czech Republic, or explore fabulous Denmark.

If both of you are fans of historical adventure novels, chilling stories about ghosts or vampires, and if you ever dreamed of good old times of kings, queens, chariots, and chivalry, then a trip to a medieval castle will become a romantic and thrilling adventure for you. Choosing a trip to such romantic vacation locations as the Chateau d’Esclimont castle near Paris or the castle of Karlstejn near Prague, the two of you can feel that charming atmosphere from books and films about brave knights.

If you like to travel by car, a trip across Italy is a real kaleidoscope of impressions for two. You will see the magnificent Rome, Pisa, and Florence and the sunny landscapes of Tuscany and the vineyards of Antinori.


Exotic vacation

If you’re more into exotic countries, then you can choose an individual tour to one of the romantic getaway locations away from the city bustle. You can plunge into the mysterious culture of the East with your loved one, choosing a holiday in Sri Lanka, Mauritius, or Thailand and discover mysterious India or the beauty of the New Zealand’s nature.

You will remember the romantic trip to Africa forever. There are hundreds of individual tours to romantic holiday locations in South Africa where you’ll get the opportunity to see Cape Town, the vast desert of Kalahari, and the villages inhabited by the Zulu tribes. Watch the magnificent animals in their natural habitat in one of the natural parks. Visit Zanzibar. Today, it’s an island of spices, magnificent beaches, and hotels that still keeps monuments of the amazing culture of Swahili – the indigenous inhabitants of Zanzibar.


Touch Traditions

A short trip won’t let you experience the spirit of an exotic country, with its local colour and centuries-old traditions. And sometimes we get sick of being simple tourists. We want to become a part of traditional rituals. And what could be more romantic than a symbolic wedding ceremony for you and your loved one? There are a lot of tourist agencies that give this opportunity nowadays. You can order a traditional wedding ceremony (which isn’t legally effective, of course) will certainly leave an unforgettable impression.

Traditional wedding ceremonies in different romantic locations across the globe are unique in their own way. In the real Tahitian village, you can become the main actors in the traditional Polynesian wedding, or you can pass the ceremony that will resurrect your feelings for each other. Those who chose a romantic trip to Thailand get a chance to take part in the Buddhist-style wedding ceremony. Beautiful ancient rituals, national songs, and dances, a fabulous night in a bungalow – all this will take a special place in your love story and turn into the sweetest romantic memories.


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