10 Ways Rich And Poor People Think Differently That Change Their Lives

The rich and poor people think differently in many ways, and that’s the real difference between them. If you’ve been in a pattern of financial lack or a lack of progress all your business life, then you need to examine your thinking and adjust it to match your goals. The best way to determine what mental patterns are running your financial life is to look at your results. Afterwards, ask yourself these revealing questions…

1. Do you consistently earn large amounts or small amounts of money?
2. Is your income consistent or inconsistent?
3. Do you struggle for money or does money come easily?
4. When you have money, are you an investor or a spender?
5. What’s the highest amount your mind has ever let you earn?

It’s important to realise that no matter what your current money pattern is, you can improve it or even change it completely if you want to. The first step is awareness – you need to know what are the ways in which Rich and Poor people think differently?

Ways in which Rich and Poor people think differently.









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You must acquire the mental patterns that create wealth and put them to use immediately. Remember, we are creatures of habit, and therefore the habit of managing your money (and mind) effectively is more important than the amount you’re on today.

Also, let us know if you know any other ways in which Rich and Poor people think differently. If you learned something new, make sure to share this post.


  1. aaah, the good old “We are rich because we are superior. We are superior because we are rich”.
    If you need psychological tool like this to feel good about yourself and your life, it means you have not yet reach true happiness, and you still have an ego.
    I pity those who foul themselves into thinking a 250 000$ car will make them happier than a 50 000$ one.


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