This 83-Year Old Man Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Mithalal Sindhi is a resident of Ahmedabad, who has spent 60 years on the footpath and is still doing so. There’s no iota of shame, however. Mithalal is proud of the life he lives and sees it as nothing less than God’s gift. He’s a living example for the people who still believes in humanity,

Mithalal has shown an exceptional display of selflessness towards strangers who had no one to bid them farewells by performing their funeral rites. So far, the man has laid 550 unclaimed bodies to rest, and has found a unique sense of happiness that only he understands. The religion mattered not – only when the last rites had to be performed according to the scriptures.

Not once has the thought of “a wasted life” crossed Mithalal’s mind. He says,

“For society, it might just be an unclaimed dead body, but for me if it’s an aged woman, then she is like my mother, if it’s a young boy then he is like my son, if it’s a middle aged woman, then she is like my younger sister. I couldn’t perform the last rites of my own father but I don’t feel sad about it. For me, all those who died are my family in some way or the other. I have one son and three daughters. They run a roadside fast food restaurant. They also have a house, but I don’t stay with them.”

Mithalal Sindhi


“I live on the¬†footpath because this is the only place where people will always find me whenever I am needed. I didn’t even take any share in my ancestral property because I have never been interested in materialistic things. The only thing I require is my pedal rickshaw. Today it costs around 1500 rupees to perform the last rites of any person. I incur all the expenses from my earnings by selling Bajra on the¬†footpath near Ellis Bridge.

“I am 83 years old, have been living on the footpath since last 60 years and believe me I am satisfied with what life has given to me. I have been sent on earth by God to perform this beautiful activity. This city remembers me whenever an unclaimed dead body is found and I am happy about it.”

Mithalal has shown more kindness and humanity than we ever would in multiple lifetimes. We salute his indomitable spirit.




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