10 Reasons Why Pune Is The Best City In India To Live In

Recently Pune was adjudged the second best city in India to live in among the 11 cities examined for ‘quality of life’ by Bangalore-based NGO Janaagraha. But, in many people view, it is not far behind to be the best city in Indian and the reasons are pretty obvious. Check out the reasons why Pune is the best city to live in:

1. Weather

The best thing of the Pune is its Climate. The rains, the summer and the winter(kadakti Thand) in Pune makes it a perfect place to live in.

2. Cleanest and Greenest

Pune is among the top clean and green cities in India. The lush green trees by roadside beautify the whole look and fell of the city. Pune Municipal Corporation keeps the city very clean and roads well maintained.

3. Booming IT hub

Pune is growing rapidly as a metropolitan city and this status is attracting various IT giants. As the IT giants are setting up their base in Pune, job opportunities are also increasing and so, is the lifestyle of the people here.

4. Traffic

The traffic is very manageable as compared to the other metropolitan cities. The planned sides of the city and connectivity with various highways provides relief to the people traveling.

5. Safety

Being a city growing with a great pace, the average crime rate is very low. The best city in India is also very safe for the women. Pune Police and other security agencies play a great role in controlling the crime.

6. Peaceful and less Crowded

There are some places in Pune like Magarpatta which are so peaceful that it will become your favorite place when you want to rest your mind. Population is also less as compared to other such cities.

7. Proximity to Hill stations

Pune is not too far from your favorite hill stations like Lonavla, Mahabaleshwar etc . If you are in need of a weekend getaway, take your bike and ride to these hill stations to enjoy.

8. Something for Everyone

No one in Pune can be disappointed when it comes to shopping. On one hand it has posh areas like Koregaon Park, MG road for the rich and elite class people, FC road and JM road for middle class. Also, there is clover market where you can do street style shopping.

9. Cheaper

Be it street food, be it real estate and be it anything. Name it and compare it with Pune, cities like Bangalore, Mumbai are too expensive when you compare it with Pune.

10. Cultural Values

Popularly known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, Pune has managed to preserve the true Marathi culture. If you want to feel the essence of Maratha culture, Pune is the best city in India for you.

Let us know if you know any other reasons which make Pune the best city in India to live in.


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