Realistic Body Paintings That Reveal What Lie Under Our Skin

You know what happens when art mixes with innovation? You can ask this amazing American artist Danny Quirk who mixes art with science and takes the innovation to a completely new level. Quirk makes realistic body paintings showing us the structures that lie beneath our skin. Well, who needs a full body scan when we have talented artists like Danny Quirk? The paintings look so realistic that you will get confused whether they are real or another piece of art.

Danny uses liquid latex, acrylic paint and sharpies to create realistic body paintings that showcase the internal organs of a human body. Quirk is so much interested in human anatomy that he mixed it with art to create these beautiful painting. The artist said, “My anatomical works combine classic poses, in dramatic chiaroscuro lighting, with a very contemporary twist… illustrating what’s underneath the skin, and the portrayed figure dissects a region of their body to show the structures that lay beneath”. Let’s see some of the masterpieces created by him.

1. Can you believe it’s a painting on a human body?


2. Look at the detailing in the paintings.


3. Well, there’s nothing more beautiful than these paintings.


4. We never thought that these things lie underneath our skin.


5. It can also bring the medical textbooks to life. 


6. These realistic body paintings are too beautiful to be expressed in words. 


7. Talking about the muscles, who would have imagined something like this?


8. Look at how the paintings are created from scratch.


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Source: Facebook | Etsy.


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