When Ratan Tata Proved To Ford & World – ‘Success Is The Best Revenge’

The story which we are going to share will prove to you and the rest of the world that Success is the best revenge ever. This story is about two great business empires that the world has ever seen. While the one was headed by Ratan Naval Tata – An Indian businessman, investor, philanthropist and chairman emeritus of Tata Sons. And the other is renowned car company Fordan American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. Check out the full story below.

Success is the Best Revenge:

Back in 1998, Tata group launched its passenger car Tata Indica. While the group was led by Ratan Tata and it was his decision to enter in the passenger car business. Tata Indica was a failure in its first year and the experiment seemed to be failing. Also, many people started advising Ratan Tata that he should sell the passenger car business. So, Ratan Tata, then president of Tata Motors and chairman of the Tata Group, went to Detroit with some of his closest colleagues to hash out a deal with Ford. While, the group met with Ford officials and the meeting went on for 3 hours, but the group was meted out humiliating treatment from the Ford Officials.

In the same meeting, Bill Ford(Chairman of Ford) said to Ratan Tata, “Why did you enter in the passenger car business when you were not knowing of it. It will be favor if we buy this business from you”. Feeling the humiliation, Tata Motors team decided to return to New York the same evening. While traveling Ratan Tata, then the group chairman, was very tense as the feeling of being insulted was on his mind. After earlier failures, Tata Motors did well with its business of passenger cars. But in the same period, Ford did very bad.

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Then came the year of 2008, Ford was on its way of bankruptcy. Tata Group offered Ford to buy their luxury car brand Jaguar-Land Rover. Bill Ford, along with his team reached “Bombay House”. While “Bombay House” is the headquarter of Tata Group. The deal was finalized for 2.3 billion US $, which counts to more than 9300 Crore Indian Rupees at that time. Also, Ford was incurring heavy losses from Jaguar-Land Rover division. Also, in the same meeting, Bill Ford said to Ratan Tata, ” You are doing a big favor for us by buying Jaguar- Land Rover”.

With the business mind of Ratan Tata, Jaguar- Land Rover is currently a profitable division. This real life story proves that “Success Is The Best Revenge”.

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