This Rare Goth Chicken Has Black Coloured Skin, Bones & Legs

Well, you might have read about albino animals that are white in colour. A Goth chicken is exactly opposite to them, it is an exotic breed of chicken which is all black in colour i.e black skin, legs and even its bones are also black. Also known as Ayam Cemani, they are completely different from other breeds of chicken. You might be a non-vegetarian who loves to eat chicken but believe us you may not want to eat a Goth chicken after seeing one.


They have jet black eyes, bluish black skin and their internal organs are the darkest things you will ever see. Originally, the chicken was discovered in Indonesia, however, after the United States import ban, chicken have become rare and expensive in the black market.


A regular Goth chicken can cost you anywhere between $200-$250 including shipping and handling. Although there are many websites listing this rare breed for sale, but it’s a high probability that those aren’t the pure and authentic Cemanis.


Even their eggs are completely black in colour and i.e how they become familiar with their unique black colour. Despite being fully black from inside as well as outside, they look quite unique and beautiful. They look nothing like the usual birds we see around us. The reason behind their black colour is the duplication of two DNAs(upside-down), which is the cause of their black pigmentation and their unique appearance.


Recently, Goth Chickens have become the talk of the town as their pictures are getting viral all over the internet. Some photographers have even arranged a proper photoshoot with these exotic birds and they are looking more amazing in those photographs.


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Are you feeling amazed after seeing this Goth chicken breed? If you have seen any such animals/birds in real life, do let us know in the comments section below.


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