A Quick Party Checklist: How to Plan the Perfect Party

The world is finally opening back up from the COVID-19 shutdown. Baseball is back and other major sports will soon follow suit. That means social gatherings are starting to happen again, with the social distancing of course. Graduation parties, birthdays, farewell parties, and such are starting to happen again. Keep reading to learn about a quick party checklist that can help you plan the best party.

Bon Voyage

When planning a going-away party there are some neat things you can put on your party planning checklist to spice up the event. You can be elaborate or keep it simple.


Decoration should be kept simple and sweet. Get some balloons and some confetti. Give out party hats and noisemakers. You can make a collage of photographs for the person who’s leaving too.

If its a co-worker who is taking on a new job, provide them with memorable pictures. Also, you can make signs wishing them well. Perhaps get a coffee mug made with a nice inscription. Flowers are even a good idea.

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are always important to any farewell party planning guide. Go over your guest list and figure out if it’s only adults or if children will be attending.

Make sure you have plenty of soda and other soft drinks like lemonade or iced tea. Don’t forget to have plenty of water.

As for adult beverages, get plenty of beer. You should have at least three different choices of beer. But, five is best. Also, make sure red and white wine are available.

You can make speciality drinks in the guest’s honour. Ask them their favourite drink of choice and make sure that’s readily available through the party.

The speciality drinks can have a theme. Maybe something to do with the guest of honour’s career or where they’re headed. Don’t forget to add champagne to your party planning shopping list, a toast is always great at a farewell party.

As far as food goes you need to decide whether you want to cook or have the event catered. Again you’ll want to go through your guest list and figure out if cooking is doable or not. If it’s a barbecue you should get plenty of hot dogs and burgers.

You can ask a friend or two to make or bring some side dishes. Dishes such as pasta salad, a veggie tray, or cheese and meat platter. Also, don’t forget the chips and pretzels.


Who doesn’t love a good surprise? A surprise party will make your guest of honour feel extra special. Plus, they’ll have an even more memorable send-off after they see all their friends and colleagues who showed up to surprise them.


Every good party host should have a mix of excellent music. You should play a mix of fun and ambient songs that aren’t overbearing. If dancing is going to happen, then you can adjust the music and volume accordingly.

Your Party Checklist

Putting together all of these elements will make for a great farewell party. You’ve got your farewell party checklist ready, so get moving with the invitations. Don’t forget to check or our What’s Trending blog for more great ideas.


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