What To Look For When Purchasing A Hairdressing Shears

Hair plays a significant reflection of who we are inside. It’s one of the things people 1st notice when they look at you. Your hairstyle or haircut says a lot about who you are. Hair and beauty is a multibillion-dollar industry, and the average woman spends approximately $50,000 on her hair over her lifetime and around two hours a week washing and styling her hair. It is not because they believe that appearances are important, but also because hair represents their personality, thoughts, and beliefs. For centuries, women have played different roles by changing different hairstyles, and from their stories, we can see that hair contributes significantly to women’s self-esteem. We can confidently say that a good pair of hairdressing shear is one of the essential equipment in the salon. The first authenticated pair of scissors dates back to Egypt, around 1500 BC. They may not have been used to cut hair because knives were more available and probably did the job back then. Over the years’ shears have adapted to various uses. There are different types of scissors for almost everything; you can find scissors specifically made to cut paper, wire, cardboard, and fabrics. Below are a few factors one needs to look out for when purchasing hairdressing shears:


1. Size

Hairdressing scissors, come in differing sizes. Find a size that suits you best. The blades usually range between 5 and 7 inches long. Commonly they have an appendage known as a finger brace which is attached to the ring finger. This allows the user greater control and gives extra power to the cut.


2. Style

The style of the hair cut determines which type of scissors you will need. What type of cutting style is more prevalent at your salon? Most of the time style determines which shape of scissor is best suited. Shorter blades create a more precise shape while a long blade is better for techniques such as using the scissors over the comb technique.


3. The Material Of Shear

The quality of material determines how long the shears will last and also how well it performs. The steel used in the manufacturing of your shears is responsible for the price you pay when you purchase the shears. Scissor Tech offers one of the highest quality shears made from the finest Japanese steel. You may pay a higher cost up front, but you will save time and money later.


4. The Shape Of The Handles

The right pair of scissors should feel comfortable in your hand to minimize strain and hand fatigue. There are three different shapes:

Classic: The shapes of the top and lower blade are the same. The rings line up precisely with one on top.

Offset: Angled handle area, shortened handle shank with a thumb ring. One handle is longer than the other.

Crane: Upper blade is straight, handle shank with thumb ring angled sharply downwards. One handle is quite longer than the other, while the top one is straight.


5. Your Dominant Hand

Which one are you? Left-Handed or right-handed? Whichever hand, you are more comfortable using It makes a difference when you use shears. Left-handed scissors have the blades reversed, allowing for left-handed people to cut hair with less force and increase the stylist’s comfort when working. Some left-handed stylists have been using right-handed scissors┬ásince they began working and have learned to adapt. It all depends on what is most natural for you.


6. Budget

Always pick the best pair of shears your budget can allow. However, don’t narrow your selection on price until you’ve established the purpose of your scissors as well as the shape and configuration you need. Otherwise, you’ll have too many options to choose from, and you may well end up with a purchase that doesn’t meet all your needs.

A good pair of shears is a smart investment, and choosing shears that are right for you is essential. Shears help reflects the type of hairdresser you are through the precise work you can achieve. Take your time to consider the above factors before making your next purchase. Thank me later!


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