Can You Give A Proper Explanation For This Simple Puzzle?

We know that you all must be thinking that this equation is absolutely wrong and there can’t be any logical or proper explanation behind the simple equation given below. But, have you considered all the possible scenarios before finalising your decision? We guess you haven’t because it is human nature as we see thinks only from ever perspective.

Do you have any Logical/Proper Explanation?


You must be thinking that the answer to the above equation 29 – 1 = 28, right? But let us tell you that it’s not 1 in the above picture, it’s alphabet I and because your brain is conditioned to read the numbers in a mathematical equation so you must be thinking it’s 1. Now, you will be thinking that how anyone can subtract an alphabet from a number, it’s possible if you expand your vision and consider other scenarios.

If you still aren’t able to get this, let us help you with that. All you need to do is to imagine number 29 in Roman digits which turns out to be XXIX. Now, it’s all pretty easy, isn’t it? The equation will become XXIX – I and if you take I from the roman number XXIX, it turns out to be XXX which is basically 30 when converted back from Roman numbers. Hence, it becomes:



29 – I = 30

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We guess now you understand this proper explanation behind this simple mathematical equation. If you also got confused, share this post with your friends to see if they are smart enough to come up with a proper explanation for this equation.


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