Prepaway – Gain a Competitive Advantage by Becoming CompTIA Network+ Certified

When it comes to the field of networking, reputable companies and high-paid jobs require more than just an average IT degree. They look for certified individuals who are the experts in their specific field and are trained enough to play the part. Since the game is very competitive and everyone wants to stand out from the crowd in the eyes of the employers, they require some evidence of the skills. Having the CompTIA Network+ certification included in your resume may be the perfect solution.

About CompTIA Network+ certification

Prepaway is an IT credential that enables you to plan, configure and troubleshoot complexly wired and wireless networks. It is a certification that any individual will be able to attain in order to make a career in network administration. Network+ is a core certificate for previously trained network technicians.

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The Network+ certificate is brought forward with the help of CompTIA, which stands for the Computing Technology Industry Association. It tests the basic skills of an individual working as a networking technician and when the certification is attained, one will be able to promote to a networking administrator. It checks the candidate’s ability to install and maintain various networking systems and troubleshoot any of them. The test takers must also have the knowledge of how to support and verify a networking system and show the understanding of numerous aspects, including TCP/IP and OSI models.

What skills will you gain?

When you take your exam and pass it, you will be able to call yourself certified. What this means is that holding this Prepaway credential will demonstrate to the employers the specific skills that you have. Some of them are described below.

  • You will have knowledge of various network concepts and will be able to implement them appropriately. You will also be able to explain the purpose of using them.
  • You will know how to design, implement and maintain a variety of networks and will be able to manage and troubleshoot them.
  • You will be able to determine the different technologies associated with the networks for cabling security and storage. You will also specify and use different components to segment network traffic and develop useful and efficient networks using switches and routers.
  • You will be able to identify the different advantages and disadvantages of the already existing networks and develop new routines to ensure durability.
  • You will design and implement highly secure networks and develop security protocols for various networks. You will be competent to identify and determine physical security measures and attacks against the networks and find solutions to ensure business continuity.
  • You will be able to detect faults in new and previously installed systems and troubleshoot them and various other networks to find a suitable solution.

Prerequisites for CompTIA Network+ certification

Getting the CompTIA Network+ credential is a quick and simple process that requires minimal training and expertise prior to taking the exam. However, it has one prerequisite that is to have the CompTIA A+ certification and at least 9 months of experience as a networking technician. This will allow you to sit for the certification test.

About CompTIA N10-007 certification exam

This Network+ exam checks your core knowledge of networking and helps you gain useful skills to excel in it. The certification test has two variations with different codes and outlines: N10-007 and N10-006. They are similar as they both check your understanding and skills of the implementation and maintenance of networks and various other related topics. They both consist of a maximum number of 90 performance-based and multiple-choice questions and last for 90 minutes. Both the exams have a minimum passing score of 720 on a scale from 100 to 900. They are also available in various languages. However, the version Prepaway is retired.

Practising for CompTIAN10-007 exam

Taking the test and practising for it requires some effort. However, it is easy and painless and there are many guides out there that can help you cope with the curriculum and the coursework. There are many braindumps on the Internet that will help you gain knowledge of the previous exam and enable you to understand the flow of it. They will also help you gain confidence and prevent fear of the unknown. You can also use various exam simulators that assist you to test your knowledge by providing you questions and interactive problems to solve. Some of them create exam environments like a real one, which boosts your confidence even more. In addition, there are a variety of different video tutorials or virtual tutors who can assist you and guide you in the right direction to help you pass your exam.


This CompTIA credential needs to be renewed after a period when it expires. The expiration date is usually three years after you are certified. There are some ways that you can renew your Network+ certification. They involve getting a higher level of credential. More details can be found on the official CompTIA website.

Benefits of CompTIA Network+ certification

This certificate allows the holders to be able to apply for various job positions, such as a computer technician, a junior network administrator, a help desk technician, a network field technician, a junior system engineer, a network analyst, a system engineer, an IT consultant, a network support specialist, a network field engineer. There are many highly reputable companies that are interested in hiring Network+ certified individuals. These organizations include Apple Inc, Dell, HP, Intel etc.


The Prepaway is a great way to impress your employer and also be eligible to get a promotion or apply to a better, higher-paid job. It is extremely useful and sustainable for those networking technicians who are already working and have gained a bit of experience.


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