This Polish Cosplayer Can Turn Herself Into Anyone & Here’s The Proof

Some people earn talent with their hard work while others are born with it. Today, we would like to introduce you to a self-taught Polish Cosplayer, Justyna Sosnowska. It seems like she has mastered the art of SFX makeup in a short span of time. Sosnowska has as Landscape Architecture degree and believe us, she only started this art in 2014 and that too as a hobby. Starting in 2014, she has quickly moved the ladder of success and has fallen in love with this art.

The Polish Cosplayer is an expert in 30-minute Cosplay Challenges and can transform herself into literally anyone. From male movie villains to female actresses, she can transform herself into almost everyone. Believe us her transformations look so real that you will be having a hard time finding the difference between her and the original ones. Below are some of her amazing transformations that’ll keep your eyes wide open.


1. Here’s the amazingly talented Polish Cosplayer, Justyna ‘Sosenka’ Sosnowska.



2. The Mad Hatter from the movie – Alice In Wonderland.



3. Na’vi from the movie – Avatar.



4. Hades from the Animated movie – Hercules.



5. Elsa from the movie – Frozen.



6. Severus Snape from the movie – Harry Potter.



7. Venom from the movie – Spiderman.



8. Majin Buu from the movie – Dragon Ball Z.



9. Azog, Pale Orc from the movie – The Hobbit.



10. Maleficent.



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