10 People Who Had A Perfect Response To All The Flirty Messages

Most of the times, beautiful girls receive flirty messages from either their loved one or the friend zoned guys. But its 21st century and everything is possible these days, even boys get flirty messages from desperate girls. While some try to ignore these flirty text messages while other try to troll the senders. You need to be smart and witty enough to win over these flirty messages.

We got our hands on some of the funny and most epic responses to the flirty messages that are nothing but savage. These people completely nailed it with their witty responses and owned the conversation like a boss. Let’s have a look at these perfect responses to the flirty text messages.

1. This dude completely nailed it with his wit.


2. The next time someone asks you out, make sure you give him the perfect response.


3. When the other person is feeling romantic but the only love of your life is food.


4. Apply cold water over burnt area.


5. The perfect response to all those flirty messages.


6. This is some epic stuff.


7. Now you know what to do with those flirty pickup lines.


8. How to troll your friend like a boss.


9. OMG! we can’t stop laughing over this picture.


10. Maturity is when you realise that sleep is better than love or any human being.


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Do let us know if you have also trolled someone who was sending you flirty messages? Also, if you liked these perfect responses, share this post with your friends and loved ones.


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