10 Pictures People Who Have Grown Up In India Will Understand

You know there are some things in our life that we miss in our so-called adult life. One such thing is our childhood- our friends, school, teachers etc. We know many of you still talk about how use to look like in your childhood days. We have got a surprise for you, this post is for all the people who have grown up in India and have the pleasure to experience these beautiful things. Check them out.

For all the People Who Have Grown Up In India:

1. This tiring process, and the sweet feeling of success that followed right after.Kids-1

2. You know you are in deep trouble when you lost one of these.Kids-2

3. We used to practice hard to become an expert this game.Kids-3

4. Remember these Tazos and their “Exchange” Program.Kids-4

5. Waking up early to clean these on P.T. day, only to return as if you’d trudged through a war zone.Kids-5

6. Making sure that nobody confused their Kool Rider with your own.Kids-6

7. Never knowing what you would get whenever you played this.Kids-7

8. And secretly hoping that you get a 90% rating on your secret crush at the very least.Kids-8

9. Using this not only to erase stuff, but also to draw on when bored, and hurl at enemies when threatened.Kids-9

10. And at last, if you remember this Optimus Prime Pencil Box.Kids-10

If you remember all these things, you are awesome. Also, let us know if you can relate to these things and make sure to share this post with your loved ones and friends.




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