You Won’t Believe What People Try To Sell On OLX?

OLX – “Yahan Sab Kuch Bikta Hai” has proved its statement so right that you will be shattered in bricks after seeing what people try to sell on OLX. Here are some of the best Olx ads by Indians who nailed it and trolled everyone on OLX. There are things you can sell and things you can’t but for us Indians nothing is a waste and anything can be sold to anyone, as long as there is a thing we will try to either re-use it or sell it, there is no other way for us.

Donating? Gifting? are you kidding me, Indians never saw it off, I being an Indian can tell that people don’t think too much that thing is still usable and can be used as something else, or even better, it’s useless? Let’s try to sell it to someone, we may get something for it, after all, what’s the damage in trying! These funny Indian trolls on OLX are so hilarious we had to finally share them here on our website. Browse through these funny images showing what people try to sell on OLX and have a good laugh, Enjoy.

Look what People try to sell on OLX

1. This air-conditioned underwear that will keep your manhood fresh, 24×7. And it costs only Rs 50!OLX-1

2. This ‘brush and toothpaste combo pack’ which only genuine buyers can buy. It’s negotiable!OLX-3

3. After you buy this train, you only need rail tracks.OLX-9

4. Gym going Cock. We can’t believe what people try to sell on OLX. OLX-2

5. People can even put their children on rent.OLX-4

6. This creepy ‘goat of Salman’ whose stamina is just outstanding.OLX-5

7. Of course, it’s a reasonable price!OLX-6

8. 100 Rs note for 200 Rs. What a Deal!OLX-7

9. You don’t need it unless you are a Traffic Cop.OLX-10

10. People even tried to sell their useless husband.OLX-11

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So, what are you waiting for? Go on sell everything like these people tried to sell on OLX.



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