People Who Took Sleeping To The Next Level

Sleeping is something we all want and need. There is nothing better than good rest and feel energized after many hours of sleep or a nap. You might feel tired often and ask yourself why. Maybe is the diet, maybe stress but surely it is the mattress too. Now we’ll focus on how some people even take sleeping to the next level. It is creative and funny, but it works.


Why not some nature?


Who says you can’t sleep in nature quite often? Feel free to do it if you are adventurous and love to watch the night sky.

Invest in a good tent and also great equipment for the interior, like a tent pad for sleeping or maybe a sleeping bag.

You get to be in nature and enjoy this adventure before you doze off!

Conjoining Beds


This can go for families or large groups of friends. Why not?

It is creative and makes closeness or bonding and much more space for a sleepover of some sort.

For example, I know some of my friends have a couple of children even 4 or 5!

So, what they did is just open up the sofa somehow and conjoin it with the rest of the furniture in the living room to make one huge bed.

Now they watch TV all the time without making the kids go to bed after TV time.

And if someone plans to have friends for a sleepover or something similar – this can be done the same way – everybody sleeping next to another like a can of sardines! It works. I first learned about this concept on and might give it a try!


What About Acupressure?

You might wonder about this one. You have heard of similar terms, but this one is basically applying pressure on certain body spots just to make you relaxed.

Sounds pampering and nice? Almost like a massage, except with specific methods by experts.

No hands grasping you. Just pressure on the right spots, so you can really see to what extent some people go to feel relaxed all over.


Make Some Bedtime Rituals

Feel free to let imagination create something amazing!

People do different things in this case. Some meditate and some have a rich pampering bath.

Others light up scented sticks and candles and put on some white noise sounds. Or specific sleep music like waves and dolphin sounds.

Some even dunk their face in the water. And I’ve read about people that also curl up toes and tighten their muscles all over as they lay in bed.

Just find what you feel is the right for you.


Sometimes The Bed Is Not The Answer

Still, some people toss and turn even on a bed.

Those same people tried different things. Sleeping on rocking chairs or massage chairs.

The rocking chairs sway and make you feel relaxed and reclining properly. And massage chairs have those ultra-cozy cushions and leather-like materials, so sleep is unique this time.


The Best For Last – Vertical Or Wall Bed…


Yes, you read this right. Vertical beds actually exist. They make you feel hugged in an upright position and secured with extra big and cozy cushions.

And wall beds can be as regular beds, except they are amazing for small rooms that have just a closet and a window! Overall, apart from bed or rocking chair, apparently some even decide on vertical beds.

For wall bed, you also need to invest a quality mattress to ensure the most comfortable sleep. Check out here: for having a quick look.

It’s interesting and unique, why not?

So, what do you think, did these people took sleeping to the next level?


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