World Penis Map Reveals The Average Penis Size Around The World

Literally, in this modern world, we have a map for everything whether it is a Political, topographic, thematic or physical map. But, today what we are going to reveal is completely bizarre because we are talking about World Penis Map. A map that reveals the average penis size around the world. Yes, right! we are going mad just like you.

Unless you are the one who wakes up in the middle of the night wondering about the penis size around the world, then probably you will be in a shock to see this map. While it’s pretty embarrassing for men to feel insecure about the size of their manhood or ask any of their friends about the same. Apparently, someone has solved this problem for men and come up with this map of the world.


And if you are wondering what the colors on this map means, you need to check out the chart below which tells the average penis size for each country with the color code.

Penis Size Around The World:


Some facts related to the ‘Penis Size Around The World’ map are:

  • The global average is 5.5inches.
  • Congo stands tall at 7.1 inches while North Korea finds the lowest spot at 3.8 inches.
  • South America┬áis probably the most well-hung place, with an average of 6.36 inches.
  • Only 3% of men worldwide have a massive size of 8+ inches.
  • While only 6% of men worldwide need extra-large condoms.

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Top Ten Countries are as follows:

  1. Congo 7.1
  2. Ecuador 6.9
  3. Ghana 6.8
  4. Colombia 6.7
  5. Venezuela 6.7
  6. Lebanon 6.6
  7. Bolivia 6.5
  8. Hungary 6.5
  9. Jamaica 6.4
  10. Panama 6.4

Bottom Ten Countries are as follows:

  1. North Korea 3.8
  2. Thailand 4
  3. India 4
  4. Philippines 4.2
  5. Taiwan 4.2
  6. South Korea 4.3
  7. Japan 4.3
  8. China 4.3
  9. Malaysia 4.4
  10. Vietnam 4.5

Are you feeling insecure? Don’t worry, share this ‘Penis Size Around The World’ map with your friends and see how they react.


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