How to Get a Pay Stub with Direct Deposit And Other Things to Know

Did you know 52% of organizations offer direct deposit? Many organizations are switching over for their employees to enjoy the convenience of direct deposit. Direct deposit is so convenient, you don’t have to worry about going to the bank to cash your check, but what about having physical proof of your income? Of course, it’s important to have physical proof of your paycheck. In this article, you will learn how to get a paystub with direct deposit. Read on to discover how!

1. Why a Paystub Is Important

Do you wonder how to get a direct deposit pay stub? Let’s first go over why it’s important to have physical proof. Say you’re interested in renting an apartment or home, or taking out loans you’ll need physical proof of your paystubs.

It’s also great to keep records of for tax purposes and to verify and make sure you received the correct amount.

2. Get Your Paystub From Your Employer

The first option to get your paystub is to get your pay stub direct from your employer. Employers can generate them for you and either give them to you or email them. Ask your employer if this is an option.

Before going the employer route check and see if this service is free of charge or if they’ll charge a fee and find out what’s required. Some employers may require you to fill out a request form to receive your pay stubs. Remember, you have the right to request your pay stub.

Keep in mind that each company varies as far as how quickly they can generate your pay stub for you. Some companies you’ll receive your pay stub almost immediately while others could take longer by sending a copy to your home.

You can also check out pay stub requirements by the state as well since they do vary from state to state.

3. How to Get a Paystub with Direct Deposit

If your employer can’t or say it’s from a previous employer you have other options. You can see if your employer has given you access to an online portal, from there you can view your paystubs.

Then when you view them you can print them out yourself. If that’s not an option or it’s from a previous employer you can use this great pay stub generator.

Next Steps

After reading this article you now know how to get a paystub with direct deposit. Remember to first speak with your employer to see if they’re able to access it. Also, make sure to find out if there are any fees involved and if you need to fill anything out.

If your employer is not able to then you can ask if there’s an online portal you can see your paystubs and print them out from.

If an online portal isn’t available, or you’re trying to view paystubs from a previous employer, then keep in mind the pay stub generator!

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