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No field of human life is imbued with so many myths and illusions as the sphere of family life. And in no field is there so much misunderstanding and heartache arise as in the relationship between a man and a woman. Jealousy is one of the strongest human emotions, comparable to love and hate. And, like all other emotions, it is peculiar only to man. How jealousy spoils the quality of life and destroys relationships. Animals do not have jealousy and cannot have it, they are independent of each other, they do not belong to each other.

More prone to jealousy people are initially suspicious, explosive, with an unstable temper, unsure of themselves, having psychological complexes that entered into marriage not out of love, but for everyday reasons. In addition, jealousy is taken as the only correct behavior by people who, as a child, observed something similar in the parental family. For them, jealousy is an image of love and relationships. Jealousy is an unpleasant, painful feeling associated with the fear of losing the object of love.

We are afraid to get a refusal from a loved one, and most of all we are afraid of losing his/her love through someone else’s fault. Jealousy is in many ways a childish feeling and is always associated with rivalry. As a rule, people who are not self-sufficient, are not self-confident, or, on the contrary, are too self-confident and consider a person to be their “property,” are very jealous. Jealousy can take a painful hue, if it is not caused by real reasons, but imaginary.

What are the signs of pathological jealousy? If a person suffers from jealousy, then, as a rule, he/she cannot objectively assess his/her condition and understand that he/she simply invents reasons for jealousy. Sometimes jealousy is out of control, and there is a sense of ownership. Most often this occurs in the case of anxious attachment. What is pathological jealousy? It is when a person is constantly concerned about the possible loss of a partner and may even imagine his/her connection with other people.


Here is a case to look of pathological jealousy in men into:

“One of my patients developed a delusion of jealousy. And he understood perfectly well that he was inventing reasons to be jealous of his wife. But he could not get rid of these obsessive thoughts about her cheating, and he turned to me. During a conversation with the patient, I found out that he himself had cheated on his wife many times and was afraid of exposure. He was embarrassed to think that he was deceiving her, and she could find out about it. At the same time, he was even more afraid that he would learn about the real betrayal of his own wife.”

Jealousy belongs to the category of those problems that partners should discuss openly. We should not forget that at times those partners who are satisfied with their love and sexual relationships experience sexual sympathy for other people. Such sympathy does not threaten a permanent relationship, it cannot be regarded as evidence that some problems have arisen between the partners and cause an unjustifiably sharp reaction.

The causes of possessive feelings are diverse. An important role in their appearance is often played by an inferiority complex and immaturity of the individual. Some people demand absolute and unconditional devotion from their partners, not realizing that every person, even in the presence of close relationships, needs a personal space for psychological development. As a rule, a proprietary feeling indicates that a person is largely not self-confident, therefore, the manifestations of this feeling cannot be ignored, a person requires pathological jealousy

treatment. In such cases, you can and should ask for help from a psychologist – call, help. If the rules of the relationship are not spoken, then certain expectations of partners begin to operate, which may not coincide. To avoid such a conflict, you need to try to clarify your expectations and those of your partner.

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